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Nice posting on African-American. Agree with your position.

Been noodling on it from a different angle.

Back in the day, that is, the seventies, we had a framework for this kind of discussion.

Remember internal contradictions and external contradictions?
And we felt that we must prioritize external contradictions in order not to get sidetracked.

Who/what is an African American strikes me as an internal contradiction.

Seems that there are more pressing issues.
You know the litany, unemployment, primary education, political mis-education, deterioration of values, global contempt, etc.
Arguably, the "tensions" you mention are rooted in political mis-education.

When the litany gets too heavy, we get distracted and focus on internal contradictions.

Not clear to me how a determination of the "African-American" question resolves any external contradictions.

But I'm glad that you retain a pan-African vision.

One love.


i was gonna tell you to hush before somebody yelled "anti-semite!!!!", but you beat me to it...

when i was younger, i assumed that getting called an anti-semite meant you hated jews, period--just like burning crosses on lawns was the kkk trademark. now i know that 9 times outta 10, it's just someone telling the truth about israel.

i have no qualms when i chant "free, free palestine" at a rally or a march. none at all.


I have been reading some blog pages from cybernetic hippies: mostly white people with obsessions about web technology, ufo's, Christian ethnocentrism, or Perverts looking for inconsiderate sources for Vitamin P. Basically, I've gotten numb to this stuff-- as the self centered ddroolings of a culture dying of pop individualism.

SSo when a friend introduced me to your site, my initial response to the non-commercial, untargetted thing was: here comes a Black Man, with the same spiritual fungus.

It's the self-centered, lack of structure thing that un-nerves me, however. But don't tear this up and throw it away-- yet!!

In spite of myself, I have read your material. I am finding me to be profoundly identified with your personalized reactions to things,-- and your lack of concern about whether there is an organized, or "collective" affirmation of what you think about.

So I am realizing that I have learned to judge myself on whether my newspaper copy, or public statements, are creating massed "cultural expressions" of some sort of political dogma. This is how I have learned to evaluate myself as a meaningful Black man!

However, What do I Know: Considering I have been holding this euro-generated bullshit in front of my face since I've been a teenager, and its given little to my people, generally speaking, and nothing to me but progressive cardio-angina, shortness of breath, and increasing reclusiveness and paranoia.

But then for related reasons, I have been thinking of creating a blog-site in my "retirement years," but have been afraid of this; and have been going to more assinine vocational solutions at this time in my life.

I may fear freedom. I'm not sure. Anyway, thank you for helping me come out of the closet. AS I noted, I have always tried to think of myself as a conscientiously structured "Oraganizer." However, basically-- this never really got me anywhere. Maybe blogs are somehow a new class of underground railway stations!

I also cant know any of this for sure-- which also might be a good sign.

But keep holding the flashlight. I'm behind you!



thanks for the props man
the self centered unstructured thing
unnerves me too

specially when it gets so confessional
but i love having my own forum where i dont
have to please paymasters and/or editors

i love being able to say whatever i think
should be said without reservations of any
sort other than a desire to avoid embarassment

i try to put up enuf raw news to justify using
a little space to do my prophetic thing

i do begrude the time it takes
but i love having the forum

if you thinking about doing it i say go for it
we need as many free and alternative voices as possible to forge an alternative reality than the one thats been set up for us

i call myself being in the line of david walker
trying to get his 'appeal' out to the slaves

and i like thinking of it in that underground railroad station motif, thats kind of a nice motif for us organizers in general

hope you dont mind if i use it

in struggle


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