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I'm sick of people wittering on about the bad of The British Empire. What about the good we took around the world. Without Great Britain and The Empire - the world wouldn't be as advanced as it is today. The United Kingdom still rules many countries and islands throughout the world and still guides the British Commonwealth forward. Support The Empire and stamp out the Racists who keep going on with their negative comments. The Empire is as alive as it ever was and will Never die - we need The Empire and our Kingdoms United to keep that Euro Rubbish from slipping in the back door. How many patriotic people are out there driving foreign built cars? Sometime The British can be the biggest hippocrits out there. They follow Britian to support their country on football yet they buy foreign built goods! Charity begins at home. Support Great Britain and Our workforce and leave the Euro Rubbish "over there". The Empire is moving forward nicely - Europe just want to block us Brits and stop us succeding. If people don't like The United Kingdom or the way we live they should get on a boat away from our islands - and for those that winj on about The British Empire - TOUGH! The Empire is part of The British culture - it's been here for well over 300 years and it's the biggest Empire any country has ever had - even bigger than that Roman empire effort. The British are here to stay - so is Our Empire. There are far to many people on this island who were born here and were brought up here - but when asked - they are from (another land). There are also to many people here that move into Our island and force their cultures "down our throats" and dictate to us about The Empire. This is Great Briatin - our lives are British, our culture is British and I am personally sick of the Racist comments made by other cultures against our own way of life and the insults we have to listen to by the likes of ("Benjamin Zephaniah" when he said "Stick it, Mr Blair - and Mrs Queen, stop going on about the empire. Let's do something else"). That is a direct insult to Our compliment to His work. Is that what we get back off the likes of "Benjamin Zephaniah". I heard he is a writer - i'm afraid with his poor attitude to The British Government & Our Queen, he should have respect for the honour he was offered, it's people like this that flair up Old News and stops us as a nation moving forward. Well Benjy - Lets stop Slagging off our Queen & government & Our Empire & let's "DO SOMETHING ELSE" - like Understand Our culture and reasons for being so kind to you. The British Empire will be there Long after Your gone "Benjy", Take a tip from Tessa Sanderson - WHAT A LOVELY LADY SHE IS - AND SO APPRECIATIVE OF HER OBE/MBE. Well Done Tessa Sanderson - your one of my Icons. xxx. As for you "Benjamin Zephaniah", well - I think members of the Great British public have heard your "attention seeking voice". You have done more damage to Yourself than that of "The British Empire".

jon aristides

I feel you didn't read what Benjamin Zephaniah was saying. Your "comment" is really a rant with no reference to the issues raised by Zephaniah's refusal. Black people have a history prior to slavery. White people didn't "give" them freedom from the kindness of their hearts. It was hard won. Most black people still don't know their own history---or even their names. You may be very happy with the British Empire (RIP). What you fail to realise is that there is no reason whatsoever for black people to share your enthusiasm.

Neither white nor black

Well done Benjamin for not accepting the OBE. Now we all know that his sincere fight is never ending. This is a man who is afraid that once he accept the award, he will stop fighting for the black people. I can see that most coloured people (latino, black, asians) once they feel they have gained recognition, that is when the superior race (the white) give them awards or compliments, they become complecent and and totally forgotten about their war - e.g war against racism, war for justice. Thank God, Benjamin has not forgotten his root. Keep up the good work Benjamin!!!

Clearly - you have a Fight in your vision. You keep sayIng blacks dont know what their names are etc etc. Move on will you - we have heard this so many times before it gets really boring. People come over here with their problems and i'm clearly Not interested in Benjys GRIPES about PASSED HISTORY. Just cos he is an alledged writer - he should be BLOCKED from his comments and his ATTITUDE towards people and a country and Empire that gave FREDDOM to the world and even to this day - DEMOCRACY is being given to the world. Do you watch the programe called The Bill? If you do - take a tip from the Chief in that programme - he is black - and a Gentleman - he has no chip on his shoulder - and I admire that man 100%. MOVE ON AND DO WHAT YOU CAN FOR THE PEOPLE OF THE FUTURE - LET THE PAST GO. We are as one now.


Just a thought! Who was it that fought off Hitler? What was Hitler going to do to the Jews and to black people. Just remind yourself how many people died during Two World Wars to defend Freedom and Democracy - The British Empire was the only powerful organisation to stop that German Idiot Hitler. If The British Empire wasn't there - where would you be today? I know I would't be here. My grandfather died in WW2, so did millions of others, you don't hear them going on about it day in day out. Hitler would have murdered Millions. We have freedom - build on that and the freedom of yours and my future. No one can change the attitude of the past - but Everyone can change the attitude of the future. There are Far to many gripes against the British - it's about time they stopped and laws were brought in to Stop people from knocking our way of life. Rule Britannia. Benjy should never have been given an OBE - it should have gone to a Doctor or a Nurse - everyday people that do something constructive.

Azim Somani

I was born in Uganda with ancestry in India. I’m currently completing a degree in history; hence I choose to focus my dissertation on South Africa – Gandhi and Mandela. Researching this history and the empire broke my heart. Many injustices took place; this is history, if possible should be put behind us. But in my view, the awards of the empire are unreal, there is no empire any more, it has a bad history based on colour and power. In this 21st century, I think it’s time to move on and if necessary create new awards away from the history of the empire.


Nice comments - yet again - another dig at the British. So I take it you were born in Uganda - moved to Great Britain live out of the BACK POCKET of every British WORKER and Tax payer and get your education for free. The World USES our country for what they can get out of it. ARE YOU A FULL TIME TAX PAYER - OR A PERMIT HOLDER? You waiste your time and energy on petty issues. If you are studying in the United Kingdom - what BENEFITS will OUR children have from the likes of people studying the NEGATIVES about history. The Empire is still there by the way - and Great Britain is obviously a Better place for you to be in than your own country. Problems in Uganda and India are created by the people that live there and not by Britain. Great Britain IS NOT A MEAL TICKET and I am campaigning to STOP the visitors and people that knock us and use us FOR A MEAL TICKET!!!


I am proud to be living in Great Britain, Britain and it's people have done so much for the world. I am sad to see how people coming to live here are stopping the British People from having the Bible Based birth right which made Britain Great, "FREEDOM Of Speech" regardless of it being right or wrong. It is OK to call the white people or The Christain faith but NOT the other way round anymore, sad. (I am non-white myself) I pray for Britain to stand up again and claim boldly that THIS IS A CHRISTAIN COUNTRY, BIBLE BASED, hence we all have the freedom to live here and say what we want and if we don't like it that way, we also have that freedom to move on. This is meant in the nicest Christ Loving way, I am sorry if it offends anyone.

Thankyou Naz. That was very well put. It's re assuring to see that other races believe in Great Britain and the Freedom of Speech instead of the usual "anything the British say is classed as racist". People Must remember that it is Our land and Our people are being subject to all sorts of critisism from the very peoples we let into this island to protect and give freedom to. Like I have said before - if people don't like living here - especially book writers - they are free to MOVE ON to that place where they think is safer and more prosperous that here (UK) - or in my words - GET LOST!


I just stumbled on this site while 'googling' and reading some of the 'Uncle Tom' pathetic comments here is sad,...oh thank you master for your OBE.

Zephahian is correct about 'black petty boj-wha Blacks' in Britain and their total disconent with their history.

I love to hear your definition of it is to be 'British'.

Some of you would do well to read Franz Fanon's 'Black Skin White Mask', from what I see on this board there are still many bad cases of mental slavery, even in 2004.

Jack Payette

Emperialism has left one of the deepest scars in history. It should never be forgoten. The BRITISH EMPIRE HAS DONE SOME OF THE WORST THINGS THAT MANKIND CAN DO. I praise Benjamin Zephaniah for standing up to them, and as a famous saying goes, "better faithfull than famous." The British government is still denying rights to people even on this very day. They were HORRIFIC to so many subjugated peoples. As Aldous Huxley said " Liberties are not given they are taken." Keep Fighting. - A concerned citizen of the world.


I feel sick to read the vicious tyrades and screams to 'get oevr it'. it really is not our place to tell somone when they can stop grieving for their lost history. On the other hand i apprecaite that there is a sence in which we ALL need to know when to stop fighting. when a battle has been faught for so long, sometimes its hard to knwo when to stop. aggression becoems a habbit. i sincerly believe that offering Benjamin an OBE was NOT an act of attempted white superiority, but a genuin gesture to say 'we hear you'. the fact the award has the word 'empire' in is unfortnate and needs to be addressed. 'empire' is not, dispite some people comments, a word most people assosite with freedom, quite the oposite.


Kesri your comment "BRITISH EMPIRE HAS DONE SOME OF THE WORST THINGS THAT MANKIND CAN DO" is really incorrect, you belive the hype and rubbish the above mentioned poet flogs to make a name for himself. The british empite was the first power in the world to stop slavery and actively track down and stop it happeneing. However yes the empire did some bad things but so did the french , spanish, american, austro hungarian, roman, greek, and almost every other world power in its time. The fact that Africa sold slaves to the europeoans and still engages in slavery of course none of you hypocras mention, because how can black people be wrong? If the poet above and the rest of you uninformed soapbox mounters had any kind of integrity you would be worried about africa and spending your time and money trying to fix poverty there, instead you make the most of this soft easy western country and moan about the past.IF the poet above was white he would be just another rasict drum banger, but because he is black then he is a freedom fighter fighting for his roots. Move on and get a life you are essentially a bitter racist.

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