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ndelamiko lord

I loved this post. I feel the same way about the way Black people abdicate their personal responsibility for our situation and rather than remain frozen, get up and reorganise ourselves. Great post. Blessings and Good Things.

Jessica Watson-Crosby

On Reparations. It is just begging if you think of reparations in terms of money/dollars. If you are thinking of the longgame (and I like that expression), than having investments and a payout for future generations, is a big plus. I think it is shortgaming if you think of reparations as new car money. And anyway, it is not really about the money. It is about our identities and our place in our own society; it is about an angle for our movement forward. The money, if and when it comes, is a way of getting folks interest upfront. Almost everyone involved in reparations is aware of its larger context, even if they didn't start out that way.

I like the idea that our future generations could have nest eggs to start their own business in their neighorhoods, rather than everyone else making and taking the money out. How much of the businesses do we own in the Harlems of the US? Just look around. We don't own the grocery store/bodegas; the shoe stores; the supermarkets; the clothing stores (except for some small boutiques); the fish stores; the Chinese take-out; not even some of the fried chicken places. I also think we don't have to wait for the payment of reparations to do any of this. We should start now so that when it comes down, we will have capital to expand our businesses for the next generation.

Ndelamiko Lord

I think most people dismiss reparations,because of the perception of a handout. However, although I think reparations has enough evidentiary support, and there is a good case made for it. I think that the times we live in and the widespread ignorance I see among the community across the diaspora, leaves me questioning a great many things. I think that at some point, a balance between the 'handout' mentality, and getting back some of the wealth the blood, sweat and tears of our ancestors ensured for the descendents of the European slave owners. Jessica makes some good points, but I know I for one and not sitting around waiting on reparations and although ideologically I identify with the effort to some degree, I do not think our world as it is is going to capitulate in this case. I hope I am wrong, and if I am not, like everyone else, I am very interested in how the money is to be used in the most practical and pragmatic sense.

A url: The Africa Reparations Movement

In any struggle you get what you are willing to fight for. Some just want an apology for slavery and No reparations. Some think it's "beggin' the man". I want reparations for my ancestors labor.
While doing family research some years ago, I came across the Lease log (Slaves were leased to other plantaions) for my great great grand mother and others in my family. I calculated what their labor was worth based on the lease rates of the time and brought that amount current to current dollars and I have my bill ready.

Should I just say to my great great grandmother and others in my family "Get over it. That was a long time ago. We are a new PROUD people now and I'm not asking for your pay. I don't think so.
If you are really committed to the struggle, you don't get to pick from a struggle buffet as to which issues you are for or against. You fight on all fronts. Reparations is only ONE tool in the struggle.


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