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When you say that "Islam" is at war with the West, what exactly do you mean? Islam is an abstract noun and is not capable of being at war with anything or anybody. Do you mean that Muslims are at war with the West? If so, do you believe that all Muslims are at war with the West? Do you believe that Muslim Americans and Muslims living in other Western countries are at war with the very societies they live in? Is that what you think when you meet a Muslim individual?


i am not going to get involved in a semantic discussion of islam/muslim because it is not pertinent to my point

my point is one of primary allegiance

around the world blackfolk generally live in islamic based societies or western/christian based ones

our primary allegiance should be to neither

but to the survival and destiny of the black race
and the black generations

this is often more of an issue for islamic blacks
because islam demands such complete submission

so you end up with situations like that in the sudan where islamicized/arabized blacks are used as shock troops against other blacks

or in the case of the west, neocons like clarence thomas whose allegiance is elsewhere and so becomes a tool used against the blackrace

i say that no matter what religion blacks choose to adopt that their primary allegiance should be to the blackrace and the destiny of the black generations

neither of these religions are indigenous to blackfolk, they are both conquerors

if you choose to adopt one or the other because it speaks to you spiritually well and good,

but it should not be as a subservient to other cultures often hostile to black interests

make it work for you
the turks and the iranians dont have any problems with making islam work for them
they dont feel a need to outarab the arabs

cause they got pride

it is a question of primary allegiance



Thanks for clarifying what you mean. I appreciate it.

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