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I always knew there was something not quite right with that whole Nuwaupian thing. It was just too fringed and too much in one direction. We started a thread about York questioning is legitimacy about three years ago on Tribe Life, Is Dr. Malachi Z. York A Fraud? - Bring your evidence of this! Reading his 'scrolls' was almost a journey into hate speech and meglomania.


To The Lady Reserving The Judgments for Everyone - I Like To Know When Will You Come Wit It And End All Devlishment? On This Rock And Others? Goddess Is Your Title Correct? I Mean You Are God Right? The Female?
And Since You And Your Male Counter Part Created All Things It Should Be Nothing To Destroy It Correct? Just Like It Hurts You To See People Sell Out (As You Say) It Hurt Others To See Your Game. You Are Nothing More Than A Child - Transformed Into A Woman - Who's Been Denied - Gained A Tad Bit Of Knowledge - Sees A Small Part(Very Small)Of This Game - Now You Know It All & Feel Its Your Duty To Right The Wrongs - And Now You Vent Your Confused Fustrated Hurt Mind On Men (some deserving) Under The Letters G.O.D.D.E.S.S> Who Are You? And Why Do You Help Keep The Minds Of Natives To This Land
In A Maze? You Support The Character Sniping Of The Greatest Being Ever Created! Thats Right - DR MALACHI Z YORK! If You Truly Meant To Help Others You Would Study This Brotha And Find Out For Yourself That His Teachings On All Topics On This Planet Are Sound And True! If Not, Then You Are Nothing But A Disagreeable Snake - A UnderCover Mishap - And A Liar To The People You Claim To Help! We Cherish Our Sisters & All Sisters Of Virtue No Matter What They Claim To Be As Long As It's Not The Devil (for Lack Of You Not Knowing A Better Word) If You Are Real And Truly Stand On The Foundations Of Real Women - The True Caretakers Of The Universe - Then Come Home And Lets Build For Real!
Lets Talk About It And Heal Our Wounds! Come And View The New Evidence From The Same People That Lied About Being Molested By The Master Teacher - Come And See Them Spill The Beans On The Whole Plot Organized By One Of Malachi's Sons & Government Agents! Can You Handle The Truth? If yes then Come And Lets talk About It! HOTEP!


dont want to get into a pissing contest
but im kinda offended at the personal nature
of the attack on sister lord

im the one who posted the orignal commentary
if you gon come down hard on somebody
probably should be me rather than my goddess
of a sister

i will look at the link you provided
and try to be openminded about it all,
sometimes i shoot from the hip

but my sister lord is in truth a goddess
whom i love and respect almost as much as i do
her input

in struggle


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