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Iya Aboyade Omobola

Greetings, Flowers of the Delta Clan Flowers and the Line of O Killens:

I am Aboyade of the Oyo State Clan of Omobola and progenitor of the New World seed of Oya, in the house of Imole Agbo Iwosan.

I thank you for revealing yourself to us and affording an opportunity to bask in the richness of your ase as we soak up the latent potentialities of our futures.

There were statements made within your discourse that were so delicious, I have to make comment, although I well understand I leap ahead of myself, as my time has not yet come.

You Called: The Dinka ran nhialics, the Masters of the Fishing Spear, are defined by their power to make a thing so just be saying it is so:

I hear and say that within the Orisa/Ifa tribe of the Yoruba people, this is known as Ofo Ase – the Power of the Word. It is a power that is accessible by all but fortunately very few know the key at this time. We must begin to understand that we indeed shape our worlds by the words that come from our mouths. OR the buying into what comes from the mouths of others. We must learn to walk with all three eyes open so that we may be able to always stay present and aware of what we are envisioning for ourselves and others.

You Called: The Question is will we or will we not be one of the Definitive Cultures of the Future. Which shall it be. Will we survive and prosper as a people and culture or will we decline and wither. Disappear.

I hear and say that disappearing is not an option. That it is not by accident that the design of our present quilt shows a withered state. It is a design woven by those who know the capability and are stridently weaving a different direction so that we may not know ourselves. (We do not know the true face of the Those who do the weaving although we think we do.) It is the responsibility of the Prophets to say the Word that will awaken us and help us re-member. That is all that needs to happen. The Re-Membering.

You Called: The wouldbe prophet uses the Prophetic Vision to see as far into the future as possible and anticipate the changes, the crises and opportunities the tribe will have to overcome in its generations long struggle for survival and prosperity. The aspiring prophet then determines what social traits will be necessary to meet those challenges and tries to program them into the cultural soul through ageold techs of magical, prophetic and ideological orchestration.

I hear and venture to say that the future the Prophet sees consists of many possibilities. Not only do they anticipate the changes, crises and opportunities of one future, they also channel the waters to maneuver us to the best case scenario – of which more than one may exist. That is possibly where the true art of anticipation comes in.

You Called: course I'm walking blind, defining the role as I go.

I hear and say of course you are. We have no models. We are shaping the paradigm as we go. As is the nature of the Call.

You Called: This is my understanding of Conjuration: You must Conduct yourself as you Aspire to be. And then you Are.

I hear and say Ase, Ase, Ase O, To.

You Called: yourself a ...failed novelist w/metafictional mindburn. Emerge did an article awhile back on invisible black male writers and I didnt even make the invisible list.

I hear and say: Be Glad. It is not yet time. Part of the Game is to choose our Prophets for us. Let the Game continue until the strength is garnered. Let the Seeds be planted and when they finally take root will be the time that the Call will be heard.

And – if I ever see you calling yourself a failed novelist again, I am going to trek the miles and slap you upside your head myself cuz it will tell me you need some Mama sense knocked into that noggin of yours.


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