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I want to be hoodoo. What should i do to be hoodoo?? Satan

 Agbodjan H. Odoi

i need to know the rituals os of mamiwata for i am in west africa togo

if you are so intrested in bringing hoodoo to the public the spells & info would be free!!!!


I am extremely interested. I have added you to my roll.


Voodun Economics
In response to the question ; '' Why should we have to '' PAY " ( derecho , tithe , respect ) for " THIS" ?

Why must we pay money for divination's? Aren't Spirits supposed to help without requesting money?

Unlike the enormous wealth amassed through "tithing" by Christian churches, who for centuries have cornered an economic and social monopoly on "religion," many services within ATRs are provided on a fee-per-service basis.

Morally, as a rule, one should always pay their way, for the deities do not give assistance for free. When one is able to pay, these funds provide a modest income for the priest�s continued training, home, family, and medical expenses, as well as to pay for the upkeep of the shrines, and to acquire the funds to make ceremony for poor members within the community who have no other financial means.

This rational is wholly consistent with all service professionals i.e, counselors, psychiatrists, psychologists, doctors, "New Age" practitioners, etc., who demand due compensation for their services. Priests of the ATRs should not be viewed as "immoral" simply for demanding the same.

Category: Morality/Ethics

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in the name of the KONKER "

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