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Arthur, peace and blessings,

The Haiti coup is the damnest thing I have ever experienced in my adult life, and I include the wars of Vietnam through Iraq, including Grenada. This Bush administration believes it can do anything that it has a mind and nerve to do. For its decisions cannot be undone. Moreoevr, who cares what is done to Haitians or other colored people of the world?

Here is a word from John Maxwell in Jamaica on the American coup:

"The CARICOM prime minister's press conference ended at about 1330 EST (3 March 04) after meetings which began yesterday and ended about midday today. I must confess pleasure and some surprise at the strength of the response. Here are the main points of the press conference. A communique is being drafted and will be issued later.

Caricom does not accept the removal of Aristide and demands the immediate return of democratic government in Haiti. Caricom leaders had been in almost constant contact with Aristide before his removal and were never given the impression that he wished to resign or leave Haiti.

Caricom demands an impartial transparent investgation, by the UN, into the circumstances surrounding Aristide's removal. Caricom will have no dealings with the so-called government of Haiti. Seems like a good strong statement. Love John"

Despite the statements and resolutions of CARICOM or even if any come from the UN, the deed of undermining the most liberal forces in Haiti has been accomplished.

We have entered the New World Order of Masters and Slaves: those in the Northern Hemisphere will enjoy the wealth and comfort of the earth's resources and those in the Southern Hemisphere will make that wealth and comfort possible for this white minority. And this slavery will be sustained by tanks, gunships, and bombs.

It is the same scenario within the United States: those in the Colored Urban Centers will receive a different level of living and education than those in the gated communities or in the more wealthy suburban regions of the states. In the US this system will be sustained by repressive laws, increased police forces and prisons, and murder.

All our state and national politics are geared toward the white middle classes, and even these are being abandoned for the benefits of the upper classes. The urban and rural poor -- black and Hispanic -- must settle for a second-class life and education. For the state and the national governemnts are determined to decrease taxes to such an extent that such developmental services cannot be delivered to those most in need.

And no political candidate can receive the resources to win office if he/she does not agree to go along with this structured view of how life in America should be organized. . . . I just watched a program on California education and how that education system was more or less destroyed by Howard Jarvis' Proposition 13, which reduced education in California almost to the same level as that in Mississippi.

So Freedom, Equality, Fraternity have been emptied of any significant meaning -- they make nice sound bytes but they have no real substance. That is, not in this New World Order, which is geared to squash all resistance.

Most of us here in America the poor and the near poor realize that our participation in electoral politics is almost meaningless. And those of us who do participate are so lacking in education and critical skills that we are mere pawns of the spin doctors, the slick promoters, and unsympathetic political operatives. White corporate money control the system and that whomever the politician (black, white, or Hispanic) the working poor will get the shaft.

The hopes and dreams of so many are being thwarted by so few. As ever and always, Rudy


Why would the US go against their own history and motives, and leave Haiti alone to develop and hone true democracy? They never did it before.... For two hundred years in one way or another they have interfered with the political process and the economic development in Haiti.

What is funny to me, is that anybody still believes so much as one word that comes out of the mouths of the Bush administration and his lackies.... So when Rumsfeld trots out and sings out, "No it is not so. He got onto the plane.", hasn't the doings in Afghanistan and Iraq not make the ignorant, insular, thumb sucking American public not perk up and go, "Baroo?"

Personally, I think Colin Powell is the worst of the bunch, a house Negro if ever there was one. Worse, he's Jamaican, and a prime quality, grade A, sell out as far as I am concerned.

As for Haiti, as distressing and disturbing as it's been to watch the devolution of all that Toussaint, Dessalines, Christophe and the POWERFUL IYA who really ran the Haitian revolution, fought for and died for; I think that this was ultimately inevitable. I feel that way, because America will never allow Haiti to become a prosperous, self governed country. To do that would be to allow African descendents in the rediscovered 'New World' to have an example of what is possible if armed revolution against the opressors of our peoples can occur.

Why wouldn't the racist government of the United States NOT remain true to form, and kidnap Aristide and dump him in Central Africa? What in their past behaviour indicates to any of us, that they are incapable or not guilty of this behaviour?

There is no real democracy in America, isn't Bush's election into the office he holdsso why should there be real democracy anywhere else?

My Heart Weeps For Haiti


That last sentence should read: There is no real democracy in America, isn't Bush's election into the office he holds, prime evidence of the break down of democracy and all America holds dear? So why should there be real democracy anywhere else?


i know, i feel the same way
my heart just weaps

im working on a piece now
up against the wall in haiti
that i am designing as a strategic analysis
thats gotten all twisty and complicated

rudy just came out with a piece
in defense of aristide
that i wish i had wrote myself

cause im trying to capture that sentiment
cause he did try as martin luther king said
to 'feed the hungry'
he did try to 'help somebody'

we know he made mistakes and i wish
we had helped him more when we had a
chance to (including calling him on
his missteps when they could have been

rudys new piece on aristide is
clean and surgical

obviously rudy has a soft spot for
black revolutionaries

in struggle


Jamaica Hosts Aristide.......

I find your writing incisive and thought provoking. (I always did though.) This particular article was touching because Haiti is one of those issues very close to my heart.


Whoops.... forgot typepad strips HTML....

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