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Arthur, peace and blessings,

I have faith it will all come together, you're the kind of brother that makes things come together. I'm not fearing for you at all.

As you say, it is the "longgame" that counts. I'm running with Kalamu on this one. His e-drum has got a record to match -- every day he keeps pumping out the info. If we all can keep our work going, we'll all meet at the bend where hearts are healed.

The political issues are fine. And so are the religious one. As far as the nature of God, I'd like to think far most he can be questioned. Mine is not a simple faith, nor simply a spiritual one. A god that cannot be questioned is not worth his salt. I'd like to hear more about what goes on in your classes and on the campus of Syracuse University. I'd like to hear more about the lierary issues you confront. I'd like to see more commentary on your own work.

Maybe that asks for too much, that is the kind of thing that interests me and probably many of your students and young people who are teachable. The big issues are important, but these literary and technical issues of expression also are important.

We all wish you the best. As ever and always, Rudy

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