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just figured i'd let you know you have one reader out here...have you bookmarked and everything. keep talking. i'm listening. peace.


hey girl
figured i would check you out
and damn if i dont like what i see

primordial mama indeed

i see you believe in the tightness too
text didnt show on netscape but explorer found it fine

meant to stop by for a minute
and got caught up in your archives
just a minute but enough to see you
a real writer

you got heart

wish i had time to go deeper but i will definitely keep up in the future

let me know if i can ever be helpful



i saw you in the guestbook and all i can say is humbling. i certainly appreciate it. thanks for looking into my madness. ha! peace.

Deacon Proudfoot

All the power to you Grand Elder Hoodooman Flowers it is wolf spirit doktor from way up in the white tundras of the Canadian wilds ...I just wanted to send my thanks and appreciation for all of the positive energy you bring forth from your words (Pure conjure)it truly is !
I feel sorry for the ones who question your divine work for they are denying all of that good luck you do with distance magik !!!From the wolfcraft medicine lodge where your name is alway,s held with the highest reverance and respect !!!Shine on noble one W.S.D Northern Ontario Canada

my brother

i didnt recognize deacon proudfoot
must be another one of your faces

thanks for the shoutout

my fellow traveler
and keeper of the faith


Spirit Doktor Crazy Wolf (Mide Katzi Maengen)

Yes my great brother one of many the wolf of the wild northern tundra wears as in the spirit of trickster but also as healer and advocate of my people i extend my thanks again !
All the power to you Grand Elder Statesman Hoodooman and Teacher Reverend Flowers from your woodland ojibwe brother Spirit Doktor Crazy Wolf our flames are going crazy tonite under this waxin moon wish you were here alway,s a welcome and an honour to ever have you !Spring is upon us here and you must come to the Pow Wow Anishnabe our greatest respekt for you and the people !I want to share tobacco with you someday soon W.S.D

Wes Jessop

Hey Dok Crazy Wolf it,s good to see you bonding with the spirits and fellow men of extreme power ful juju as the gentleman of the page here and the very few ,o such calibre and philosophies however culturally different both of you are one in the same on the level see you at next pow wow .Keepinitreal4good Wes


"Hoodoo is not a congregational system. Never has been.
And I don’t need lectures about being bound by initiatory lineages. Hoodoo is not an initiatory system. Never has been." That's right.
"I do not feel a need to go elsewhere for my spiritual validity. Not even African elsewheres." Say that.

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