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Hullo. Just a note to let you know that -- with the help of the link you have called "Syndicate this site (XML)" on your blog -- I've got a feed of your blog piped to LiveJournal. It shows the first two lines of each post after a link pointing to rootsblog, so it may help to get more visitors to your site. I've put the link to the syndicated feed up in the URL section.

I'm currently reading "Mojo Blues," the first book of yours I've picked up. Reading it makes me think of a few people I know who fought in Vietnam: an acquaintence who still has nightmares from time to time, and a college counselor who was considering taking time off to write of his war experiences (I've yet to find anything published under the name I know him by). I've just started the part where HighJohn goes to visit Willie D. in New York.

I've had an interest in both vodou (via Luisah Teish) and hoodoo for years, and thus look foward to reading more of your work. I wish you good luck with your novel!


A link which, apparently, got lost when I previewed my post. fooey. Here it is:


appreciate that link

im a little trepiditious though
about you reading that
first work of mine

its kinda like folk looking
at your naked baby pictures
w/your little naked boodie
exposed to the world

dont judge me by my early work
the best is yet to come

be well



In the re-issue of "The Books of Blood," Clive Barker wrote: " The man who'd written that book was no longer around. He'd died in me, was buried in me. We are all our own graveyards I believe; we squat amongst the tombs of the people we were. If we're healthy, every day is a celebration, a Day of the Dead, in which we give thanks for the lives that we lived, and if we are neurotic we brood and mourn and wish that the past was still present."

The copy of "De Mojo Blues" that I'm reading doesn't look remotely new: the title font, the way the cover is designed, even the author photo -- all of them suggest that this is a book that's been around for a while. That, and I occasionally take a peek at the copyright date every so often to get some perspective on the setting.

I've found it handy to read an author's works from the beginning to get an idea of their progress: where they came from and where they've been. Sometimes it's not possible, sometimes it's not preferable, but it can be interesting. There've been points when I've wondered, "is this what he's actually doing? Still doing?" But I realize that:

a. "De Mojo Blues" is fiction.
b. I won't have a bead on that until I've caught up with your blog and "Mojo Rising," at the very least.

You're welcome for the link!


Baba Arthur, your words for Tuesday (pray for haiti) and Thursday (give me strength), like so many of your words, raised the pores on my skin. I can find nothing else to say, than I am rereading Another Good Loving Blues, with the same pleasure as if it is new and I have not read it now three or four times.

Baba, I am not flattering you. I shall pay my respects one day, and you shall the sincerity of my admiration for your writing, your voice and my appreciation for your presence here where I can read you regularly.

still doing what i was doing then
i just like to think ive gotten
better at it

maturity is a wonderful thing

my boy highjohn is back in rest for the weary
a sorceror who aspires to be a prophet

and i always live out my work
thats where i get my material
lets call it research
though i prefer to call it sorcerors game

thanks for the props my sister in struggle
i cannot tell you how much it touches me
to feel appreciated for what i do

the respect is mutual

be well the both of you


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