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I have no idea what you're talking about -- I vote republican because most conservatives support smaller government, in theory at least. I can't help it if lots of politicians in general make decisions based on catering to constituents, or voice that reasons for certain things are to help certain groups when it's just to get votes, actions that when looked at as a whole might imply some sinister agenda. I think it's just the bunch of crap you have to live with in any system of power where the people in power want to stay in power. I think the african-american community has been abused by democrats as much as republicans. I don't understand why you think one is better than the other. They both suck.. but I don't like socialist attitudes, and that's why I sway republican. I think that only you can solve your own problems (and don't get me wrong, I have plenty of problems myself, I do not live on easy street so it's not "easy for [me] to say"). I think it is most satisfying to be able to succeed in solving one's own problems.

we agree that "the strongest move to be made" is to get your own work done, but the "them" to me is not republicans or democrats, it's anyone who abuses power. I do not consider myself in that group.


that on said cards and letters he will "travel all over the world spreading good news"

Good news of what, I wonder?

First time I saw the JCM site, I just cried. Worse was going into the mall in Nor. Ca and finding that crap for sale in stores.

in theory at least.---

Would have to be theoretical, 'cause "practice" doesn't.

like socialist attitudes, and that's why I sway republican---

I'll take 'socialist' over 'fascist' any day.

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