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Arthur, peace and blessings,

thanks for the piece on rap and hiphop. I have it but I haven't read it. Walked across town and back and had to lay down and take a nap. Today's my birthday and I don't know quite what to do with myself -- go out or stay in. Or just do nothing.

A man's got to eat anyway, so I called for delivery of two subs. So I suppose I've decided to stay in and do some more reading and writing

I finished THE AFRICAN. Trying to work up the energy to go over my extensive notes, type them out. But I been reading Ishmael's first novel THE FREE-LANCE PALLBEARERS. As you know he can be a laugh a minute and one has to be on one's toes reading him. And I got a bum leg.

Anyhow, I read the excerpts on High John. You know he was a favorite of the SNICK folk. I suppose that's where I first heard of him, and maybe it was Julius Lester. Remember him. He's a hebrew now.

Anyway, I think you doing good work. I think we still learning how to deal with each other in cyberspace. How to receive information. How to pass it along. Understand what's this work we creating and what we need to be doing. How to create community. How to sustain the dialogue that needs to be dialogue. email broadcasting information is important and necessary -- speed, precision, intelligence, that's what the military Transformation is about.

We got to be about getting our own networks together so that everybody from top to bottom got the same information, looking at the same data. We can't afford to play in the blind no more. We got to be the whole chessboard and the pieces. If you know what I'm trying to say. You know they coming after us and they ain't even cia-ing anymore, undercover.

Like Pat Robertson calling for the political assassination of a head of state. Now he don't won't Bashir of Sudan dead, who's using oil money to make war on black Africans, the Fur. But he wants Chavez dead cause he's using oil money to provide jobs, food, and education. You know doing the work of Jesus.

Now it seems like Bush don't mind Ol Pat calling for the death of Chavez, too much, as long as he can keep it under covers. And I suspect that the FCC that fined for Janet's nipple, won't be fining Ol Pat for saying out loud what Bush and his thugs want anyhow.

Well, I suppose I've said too much already now and my subs just arrived. So I'll meet you around the bend.

Relentless as ever, Rudy



congrats on another good year
my birthday was back in july
they get more and more special
dont they, im feeling you dawg

hope that leg of yours is better
i had surgery on my knee and im
walking without that cane now
best move ive made in years

its still not what it was but
its functional

good to hear that you in a good space
all things considered

you raised a lot of points about the
dynamics of this new medium of ours
put a lot on my mind but then you always do

when i get a moment off this novel im
going to have to riff off some of them
pretty much everything is on minimum maintenance
until i get this draft done

but its so good to see black activists working
21st century game

whenever you get weary and feel maybe unappreciated
remember that when the story of these times are written
your name shall be writ large in
the great black book of generations

your brother in struggle

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