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Nobody else wanted to go to war huh? never mind the fact that a majority of politicians voted for this war. Or forget about the many speeches members of your democratic party gave saying how important it is that we stop hussein. Stop being so damn blind. Open your eyes and realize that if Bush is guilty of war crimes so is your beloved party.

rickydoc flowers

but the point is not that demos were cowardly
in front of bushs manipulations to war and afraid to challenge him (though it should be a crime too)

the point is that the bush administration used selective and fradulent information to convince or rather bogard the american people (and congress) into war

and that war is not something you play games with and go into on a humbug, people dying left and right

and that once they started that war they have been using warcrime policies of torture and such inhumane practices

and just today found a iraqi torture prison

how much blood and treasure are we going to use up supporting a shiite theocracy that practices the same measures as the previous guy we 'hate' so much

how long

and how long will bush be allowed to wage war without any true concern for the grunts who fight it (as an ex viet vet that bothers me too)

- not enuf soldiers to hold ground, not enuf money to buy armor, no real reason to be there in the first place, give them brutal torture guidelines and then prosecute them for it but no generals, no DOD, just grunts - like the bullys they are, they just cant help dumping on the little guys

its a crime alright, and for the record i didnt call them warcrimes - you did



You can play the politics all you want. The fact is that Congress voted for this war (based on the same information Bush received) and there are many prominent people in the Democratic Party that knew that Hussein was a big problem to the security of all nations. We may have gone to war based on some false information but that does not discount the necessity to do so and does not mean Bush purposely lied to the people so that he could go to war. The facts are that Hussein sponsored terrorism (We will make no distinction between terrorist and those who sponsor terrorist) and actively searched for chemical and biological weapons. He has had and used chemical weapons on his own people. He approved and took part in rapes and murders of the innocent. This war had to happen and better to do it before he hit us or any other country first. Again, he had these weapons where did they go? Syria? Iran? Hussein had to be dealt with and we finally had a president who took a stand. Thank god for our soldiers out there. They are fighting this war so future generations could hopefully live in peace. It is ok to question the war but the hate out there for President Bush has not only damaged our country but it has also further endangered our soldiers.

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