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What Would Jimmy Do?

Excerpt from

A book called Our Endangered Values: America’s Moral Crisis and written by an avowed evangelical Christian is an unlikely addition to my nightstand. But after hearing President Jimmy Carter eviscerate the Bush Administration for taking American down a path of moral destruction, I decided I needed to buy his newest book, if only as a gesture of thanks.

Even if the book were crap, I reasoned, at least a few bucks might go towards a 2-by-4 for Habitat for Humanity. I’m confident Carter isn’t socking away book profits to buy a big yacht or a Major League baseball team.

Given Carter’s reputation for thoughtful reflection and industriousness, I was expecting an excruciatingly researched Michener-sized tome, but instead found a small book, barely cracking 200 pages with unusually large type, oversized margins, and not one endnote. I guess some people are beyond listing their sources—ex-presidents and bloggers.

My childhood memories of Carter are vivid: peanuts and bright smiles, then over time, gas shortages, inflation and hostages. No more smiles. Just an ashen, spent, broken man.

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