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Re: Diabetes. No need to feel embarrassed. You said it best "you can do this". Too bad there's not sugar-free grapes and watermelon on the market :).


hey there laniza

followed your link back to your website
enjoyed the read

sound to me like you might have some work in you

sound to me like you might be interested in
doing a little black speculative work

you need to check out my homegirl sheree thomas blog
black pot mojo, the link is under the hoodoo way links

sheree is the editor of dark matters 1 and 2 and a
powerful speculative worker on her own

also we are part of this workshop based in brooklyn
thats about to establish an online component

most everybody in it doing afrospiritual work
either literary magical realism or black speculative

if you interested in doing a little craftswork yourself
let me know

thanks for your comments

always good to know im not just spitting
in the wind

be well

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