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christopher werimo

Hey Arf,
Just keyed into your blog, men am impressed that you actually track the discourses down here. well i was kinda not amused by the literary gangster thing. Anyway aluta-conversa continua.


Unsure if this is the appropriate way to contact you. I pray you actually do read this. I'm not an internet person, I can't find your address. To the point: Mr. Flowers, I read Mojo Rising. Loved it ---interrupted my flow; It's a good thing. Mr. Flowers, I want to be a writer. Have very little time left and I need to learn to be a writer. Not doing anything but the 9-5, wasting space. Willing to go anywhere. Was most impressed by John O' Killens. I love that name. What a beautiful spirit he must've had. I desperately want to find my O'Killens. Have called a few Colleges in the Washington DC area. Howard has journalism, Georgetown has $400 writing class. I'm lost Sir, I humbly ask for your guidance, (((please))). Any advice, anything at all to steer me in the right direction. I know this is blatent, probably improper, not professional, but I'm sincere and very serious Sir. 202-722-7835

rickydoc flowers

relax raquel
its a done deal

you call me
i will come

i am rickydoc
and im feeling you

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