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never wrestle with pigs.

damn. wish i'd thought a that sooner.



rickydoc trickmaster

hello deb
figured you be along sooner or later

noted your agressive response strategy
of commenting on commenters - both on your
own blog and theirs

an effective strategy to show you still on it
and will not be intimidated out of the game

i believe the tone is off though
that cocky tone is not what you want

you got to do the penitent thing
the ive learned lessons and ive grown thing

a deeper more assured sensibility
a new you, less bombastic and
more reflective - effective

cant stay where you are
in truth why would you want to

surely you see its limitations

use the hammer
to truly grow

my apologies for lecturing at you
feel free to reject what doesnt work for you

the hoodoo in me just couldnt resist it
clearly you aspire to be a progressive force

and i wish you well


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