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Imogunla, I never met you -my loss- but I sense that you were a great soul. As you enter the land of the spirits, do not eat sand or millipedes, eat only the food of the spirits. Sun re, omo Ogun.

Sheree Renee Thomas

A wonderful tribute, Arthur!

rickydoc flowers

ec and sheree

fellow travelers and
keepers of the faith

good looking out

Jomo K. Alakoye-Simmons

N'sala Malunga

I happened to be doing some research on Palo/Hoodoo/Kongo. I recently was intitiated as Tata/Nganga, feels like I've stepped forward onto my path fa sure. Anyway in surfing and reading, reading Nalo's BGITR, on the day of crossing over Oct. 31, all hallow's eve, and crying to the words. Her story within me, my story written in her words. Then giving my prayers to my Unc as sacrifices are made, that he cross over well and peacefully, that karma not hold him here, or there in the middle, that he not be held to Imogunla or Alakoye as a ghost but as an ancestor, venerated, loved and even more, that he be able to sit on the edge watching the sun rise and fall on us and be available to us. Since then I've been reading and surfing and reading and watching my mind, my thoughts in a way whittling and honing. Challenging business in this world of distraction and de-evolution. Then picking up Mojo and reading on Daddy Mention and Uncle Monday and continuing slow and easy as it all makes sense now or at least more makes sense. Going to my God-fathers and being honest in tears and love, seeing Dr. John and siete rayo and understanding the light that I view my Unc in and bathe him in so he not be lost on his travel(s) that I guess are coming to a close. Today I woke earlier than I have in a while, 5:30 am or so, decided to read some more of Fu Kia, working to resolve my past, transform my future, and be present. My intent to learn all I can and be all I can be without hurting anyone, even if I have to be a physical warrior, then let it flow from my mind first to give balance and no pain. Somehow I end up being here, coming from the orb of Djenra where I was able to read a better explanation of Kongo Cosmograms. You see all my life I felt connected to what isn't but is. Life was what it was, then I met my Uncle Imogunla again, it felt better, my fam has always been going through their stuff, but Unc's words always had my back and front. He never flinched when i called him Imogunla instead of Martin. It felt natural to me, my name being Jomo, then when I recieved Ogun, His name became even more significant. He gave me support in doing the work i've been doing, and the struggles I've had in doing/being. I hadn't seen him in some months, busy learning the ways of healing and being, time travel, and language of the Gods and Goddesses and finding all that is within me and being well with it(me). I got the call on a night I planned to just chill out and went to the hospital with my Dad, not before reading with Yangi and ori, his ori and mine. I wanted to give what I'm learning to help him come back. I never saw him as gone, just not animate in his flesh. I saw him in the hospital, inanimate to the western eye, but to my eye he wasn't is as it is supposed to be.

So now I'm Tata/Nganga, working to learn all I can about who I was, am, and will be. Working for Onile, for my mother and my mother's mother and father's mother. It's not pretty business. Working for the people, studying us, a lot of disharmony. Since I'm new, I'm hot and wanting to know as much as i can, I remember when I went to S. Carolina, Beaufort, in 99, came back feeling like I found home. Always in my head it's felt that way like i'm from the south, came here to a place where we don't realize we still slaves, much less the extent to our servitude. Then I went, I came back with sticks, grass, rocks, stones, and visions, plus squeeta bites as big as dates. I haven't been back, but will soon. The Taino in me comes from there and the Caribbean, the farmer in me comes from my yesterday, I need to go back, it may be the only place on this continent I can call home, and maybe when i return to live (if I can) I'll have peace and bring peace with me. I have to go back to touch the water, go to the islands, find what I was or feel and honor properly. I'm doing the work here in NY, the nkisi, the hoodoo pouch of civilization, where all that is on this planet exists, from inwood to the wall(st). So much I'm finding as i create my magick here, learning the lore of the land.

I miss writing, school requires a lot of left-brain (with standardized tests and all), yet its all right brain. Working nights absorbs a lot of building energy, so the writer in me is weary, though my brain is full of songs, words, statements, ideas, stories and it hurts too. I never got comfortable with that write a little at a time, the minute I put my hand to pen I want to take the whole story out in one stroke, something my body still doesn't know how to do. I write to release, to share, to test myself. My mind a cornucopia of endless pathways of action and inaction. I'm working to extend it to my body as well or at least my spiritual body. Go and come back, come and go back. n'kingu ye bimpa/ the science of higher knowledge. The work starts for me with everything I know and feel, Africa from the coast, to bush to desert and back again, Austra-Asia, the America's as Coastal explorers, leaving effigies of self to mark terrain for generations forward, Indigenous stewards and Surviving slaves for Class, Patriarchy, Capital, and Ignorance.

I read to know me, I've read Zora, Gloria, Alice not for their school, but for my school, Then I forgot about Zora and found Octavia and my world fell, all I wanted to do was write like her. When Unc showed me my Uncle Ade's book, I found someone who felt what i felt now then and spoke on it. He did work, and shared it with Unc Imogunla, my father and mom passed it on to me, and I'm working sometimes hard, sometimes light, but I'm working. My Uncle Imogunla felt in our last conversations that I was continuing what he kinda gave up on. I never thought he gave up, his children are one of the marks of that, his family another, the workshop another, his honesty regarding life another.

I met you (as far as i remember) at the Workshop, but when i sat next to you in the church I felt like I knew you before the workshop, you didn't catch me at first, i can only imagine the depths of your focus on what you would soon be saying/doing. So after all of the month of October, which featured, a passing forward of my Uncle, plus two birthdays for me (physical and spiritual). I'm sitting and writing and studying and at peace.

Thank you for your words, I want to continue to share with you, if that is fine with you.

Love, peace, compassion


rickydoc flowers


wow man

i didnt know you was walking
the path

would like to post that one
as a post if its alright w/you

imogunla part II: legacies

cannot tell you how moved i am
to know you walking the path

and keeping the faith

not only keeping the faith
but putting some things on my mind

sound like you got that alakoye
wisdom going

we gon have to commune my brother
you have renewed my own faith

in struggle

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