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You are sure as hell not throwing your life away - no matter how short you may fall of the ambitious targets you set for yourself.

One thing that stood out about you at SLS and Litfest was how generously and completely you gave of yourself to everyone who approached you for help, guidance, or encouragement. You truly modelled what it is to open doors and mark the trail for others. And every internal struggle, including the moments of apathy, lassitude, despair, is an integral part of building our total humanity - teaching us to show up as we are and offer what we have. None of it could be edited out without something being lost.

rickydoc flowers

shalijah youve embarrassed me

the feeling was mutual, i was very
honored to share the stage with you

loved watching you do what you do
was impressed with the science

and i recall with particular warmth
encounters on the streets of lamu

a fellow outlier
off in her own world

working and watching

fellow traveler
and keeper of the faith

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