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WOW. i mean...WOW.

i'm currently training in the ifa tradition. i don't know a whole lot about hoodoo (i suppose i didn't grow up southern i'm from baltimore), but just the concept of what you're trying to do & the way you speak on the notion of the "longgame"...


seeing us get back to our spiritual roots is extremely edifying, whether they are "purely" african or mixed with the things we learned on these shores. while i understand the importance of initiation among my ancestors & my current elders, i'm also well aware that at the end of the day, it's one's character, spirit, and heart that make the real difference.

aboru, aboye, abosise.

peace & blessings


rickydoc flowers

wow i mean wow
cant tell you how much your comments mean
to me my brother

cause i do believe we afrospiritual practitioners
have a distinct responsibility as cultural custodians

i believe that we spose to be guiding the tribal destiny and providing a way - guide and guardian is what i call it

and that if the race stumbling its our fault
so when a fellow practitioner say they feeling it

thats what i live for
far as im concerned thats the answer

i think about haitian vodou sometime
and i think if vodou was on the case

haiti just couldnt be in the shape its in
i believe the criteria of judgment for a systems value lies in the lifecondition of its adherents

i look around the world and blackfolk on the bottom of their respective societies wherever you find them in the world

everywhere in the world aint nobodys fault but ours
our culture must be empowered in some way we havent figured out yet

afrospiritual practitioners love to talk about our power, we so strong in the magic, so strong in the spirit, but our people are suffering so somehow someway we got to get on the good foot

okay, let me get off my hobbyhorse

thanks for the shoutout
together we can do this

in the name of the conqueror
good looking out


(i'm a sista, btw. *grin*)

good points...and i agree with you. i've wondered about that myself.

i think part of the problem is refusing to systematically honor our ancestors and our children. it seems to be both the simplest and most difficult task ahead of us, but it's also key to our forward movement and survival.

we're also going to have to organize. i think this kind of thing is a good start:

ifa--and other atr systems--is a way of life that reinforces values i was raised with, e.g. the importance of family, children, and elders. simply being exposed to this way of thinking and being is healing, let alone the rituals, prayers, etc.

maybe that's the key: extrapolating (and remembering/reinforcing) those ideals to our community at large and putting aside the "my house is better than your house" mentality.

thankfully, it seems that the atr houses are becoming like non-denominational xtian churches--there are so many people with so many paths that you can step into one house and learn about three or four different cultures.

the ancestors are leading us towards unity, slowly but surely. i firmly believe that.

but we weren't broken down in a day, so we won't heal in a day. even tho many days it seems imperative that we try.


my apologies omi, i stand corrected

please replace all my brother reference
w/my sister

pleasure making your acquaintance

always good to meet folk who see as you do
always good to meet a fellow traveler

get a little reassurance along the way

in struggle

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