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Hello, I'm in awe your work concerning the Blues and Beale street. Your work has inspired me and encouraged me to complete my own literary journey. It pertains to a young, Chicago Blues singer and coincedentally,at the end of her road she winds up on beale street, hoping to recieve a W.C. Handy award. At times her only friends seem to be a potliqour of pain and the riding gliding beat of the Blues. I would love to have an author of your stature to read my work.


On Saturday mornings the Delta Blues were as familiar in mother's kitchen as sausage in the skillet. Sometimes, while Lil' Milton caressed our ears my Father would grab hold of my mother and his lips would carress her neck,back and awaiting shoulders. Growing up the Blues was the wallpaper of my life.
It hurts me to know that the average hip-hopper knows as much about the Blues as a dog knows about Sunday school. Ahh, but they sure know how to degrade a woman and talk underneath her clothes. That's sumptin' that the Blues never did.
The Blues howlers and sho-nuf growlers talked about making looove to a woman in a sultry way, and sometimes in a hutti-gutti way...but never in a demeaning way. Seems to me, these young-bloods could learn something from their Blues counterparts.

rickydoc flowers

hello dorothy, send me your email
and we can talk about your manuscript

you can send me a chapter or so and
we will see about looking at it

im trying to close down my manuscript pile
for my summer woodshed but i like your heart

let me look at a sample and we shall see
i too am an blues believer but i dont know
that i can agree with you that the blues
have always been respectful of women and love

some of those oldschool blues can be pretty
hardcore, some brownie terry and sonny mdgee for instance talk about how to keep a woman in line physically, my boy albert king talk about beating a woman dont act right in one of his songs

the blues was once the outlaw that rap is now, much as i love the blues, dont do to romanticize them, specially if you gon writer a novel about them, want to be able to See them in their full complexity, maybe even add something to true understanding

like i say, i like your heart
send me a chapter, i will take a look at what you doing

in the name of mentor: john o killens
who never turned away a worthy student

including a young believer from memphis
who once hunted him down


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