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Loving your blog!

Thank you especially for the Monday post about novel writing. (I like the way you call, "woodsheding the novel.") Made me wish I was still in Syracuse. Working on a novel right now -- trying to get into a routine after the move -- and yes, it's hard. And it's a whole new territory after writing stories : )



hey ellen, good to hear from you
i wish you were still at syracuse too

when is your new book coming out
or is it already out and im just out of the loop
as always

congrats on your new job

ima have to put you and lesley anns blogs on my bloglist, i have been remiss on keeping up with my maintenance here

in fact, ima do that now
link to your new book too

i should tell the world, how extraordinary a writer you are, one of the folk i learned so much from when you were here, im really looking forward to that book of your shorts

ah, but that novel you working on now
that make me drool . . . .

love always

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