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snake 2G

peace rickydoc,
I recently met a woman from Jos (Nigeria) here in Brooklyn, my home town.
I told her I had begun the process of planning a trip to Igboland
hopefully in 2008- 2009 at the latest
She told me to go as soon as possible because, as she said
"the Igbo are losing their way"
I see she did not misspeak (shaking my head)
by the way
that artifact will eventually probably be worth millions of dollars
It needed to stay home




i wonder how much of that "better life" is coming from outside africa (e.g., u.s. and arab financed faith-based groups).

i wonder why so many born in the diaspora are discovering, as you put it, "a good life, one full of meaning and significance, one of power over self and adversity" in african spirituality across the diaspora.

it seems to me that christianity/islam works for the continental folks because they need the material comforts, while we're called TO them because we're more in need of the (in my opinion more fully developed and collectively compatible) spiritual edification.

i could go on for days on that notion of "breaking curses" and such, but i think i'll link this post on my blog and do a follow-up there.

as always, peace & blessings to you & yours.

snake 2G

peace rickydoc,

I think it's important to remember there's still a war going on
-a crusade -a jihad .
And that during a war the collaborators always live good.

in 50, 100 or 200 years when western science beings to "discover" how African Spiritual Science works...
and use it to save this sick planet of ours (one that's been sickened by the very people struggling to destroy tradtional wisdom)
the people who owned it will have lost it.
Then they will have to buy it from Pfizers or whatever western corporation hold the patent to save themselves from an illness they didn't cause and in fact were immune to.



yes, yes, YES.


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