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You have a Great New Year.
I was given a gift of your site, for I am also Vet from Nam
and this one with some wise younger men/women

In reading your post about the problems in our atr and theirs about the culture
I riffed this am

“Nothing Human Is Alien To Me.” 2007/12/25

The Father “Spirit” offered a powerful thought as a gift, through a very wise child. The African sages say the father brings the spirit; the mother creates the culture.
When I stated the Self was a great break through in science in the 20C , I was looking first at the meme passed down by our great Philosophy – the idea that you must know one-self in-order NOT to be a slave or control by others evil desires; and shape one’s journey back to a beautiful void - NU. Where life is regenerated and creates a new.


Baba you have elucidated its evil twin – First I must state I do not believe in a devil – literary, yet; I do believe what appears passive can be as evil as a Hannibal band of zombies. Americans have built an appearance of naiveté that is unsettling when I think about it. The public and social network that a self must have: to live, has being taken over with illusion and to now perpetuated: we against them mindset. We are in a state of dissonances that is quite frankly frightening.

Science knows one CAN NOT control irrational thinking or non-violent behaviors, what are the social contents and narratives, that gives rise to “Utopian and Nostalgia” ideal that turn vicious, ugly, vile, and inhuman? And when I talk to my younger generation, I remained of what Jimmy Baldwin stated in the well of wisdoms: the fight for us was not just for a vote, it was to be more human and playful.
Now I going to admit this: no-one parties’ like a “black man” but they have created a ‘dead zone” of music and lewdness which has no real counter “check it” reality until too late. “The Warrior knows that he can not sleep.” My faith is always with Life that is struggling to live and blossom – Ase’

Peace and the best in the Year of The Rat - good business year, we will need it. The 100 year rule of the "Yankees" is slipping in the market place.
Nana Kwame "Osunwole"

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