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Hey whats been up?


It's not clear to me exactly what folks want Mbeki to do regarding Zimbabwe. Bomb him to oblivion? Oviously, the rest of the world employed a strategy that has failed. Now those same folks who have failed are pressing Mbeki to imitate their path of failure.
I have no idea what Mbeki says to Mugabe. However, I hope it's something different from what others are saying to Mugabe. If Mbeki's approach will fail, then let him fail on his own terms.


well rod, gon always pay attention when
you got something to say

i will slide mbeki some slack based on
that alone, and hopes that something comes

out of this do over, i am susceptible to your position
because i am always in favor of an african solution if one

is to be had, and i fear my news sources are
western sometime and you have to judge if you

being mislead or seeing true and in this case
ive decided im seeing true, ive decided mugabe

is a real problem and my disappointment is that
africans arent dealing with it instead of the west

which means my greatest disppointment is mbeki
bombing to oblivion wont be necessary, just pressure

to take the high road in this matter
forceful pressure would be nice

ive been monitoring that trip and feeling
like i might see a little daylight depending on

how this do over get executed, i fear the worst
but i hope of course for the best, de conjureman

would like this issue addressed

ive got some other issues which cause me
disappointment with mbeki vs his potential

then zuma got his baggage too but folk/countries
i guess got to play out they fa

and my respect for your eye is such that
i will back up some and try to see better

but my question to you is has
not mbeki disappointed you too

do you think he is actually playing a positive role here
obviously you do, is this based on knowledge or loyalty

benefit of the doubt

youve said what he not doing
just what do you think he is

in struggle




Has Mbeki disappointed me too?
Of course. As will Obama.
All politicians disappoint armchair theoreticians like me. But I resent a mindset, exemplified by say, the New York Times, which chastises Mbeki because he's not towing the line they (i.e. The West) want him to.
If anyone can use moral suasion on Mugabe, it's fellow freedom fighter Mbeki. On this issue, I give Mbeki the benefit of my doubt.

As for Zuma. We tend to forget that "democracy" can have unfortunate consequences. Hitler was democratically elected, as was Mussolini. But we can't eat our democratic cake and have it. Is Zuma's baggege despicable? Hell yes! But if he's elected to head the ANC, and the ANC wins elections, then we have to shut up about it. Or be pro-democracy only when its convenient. What sort of ethical/moral ground does that put us on?


if you give him benefit of the doubt i will too
but mbeki is not really the main act here, he just

a sideshow, im willing to be flexible on mbeki
if you gon speak for him

and i acknowledge we cant see whats happening behind closed doors
but judging on the results im not impressed just yet

i cannot fully express how much it upset me, in tribal shaman manifestation, when my people, for whose quality of life i bear ultimate responsibility, forced to live under

authoritarian conditions like some b grade nazi movie, i hate that w/a passion and

i would like this situation resolved
if mbeki can contribute to that cool

if not he needs to step aside

apologies about getting on my hobby horse on you
w/the tribal shaman bit, this aint really the place for


let me ask you this, your comment on democracy correct but not really the issue here

from our afropolitical perspective, what do we do in a situation like this one

do we try to have some influence on the matter, no matter how tenuous, ie, dialogue and reasoning, articulation of issue (?)

or do we accept whatever we are given in this matter

or do we step back and let the africans handle it

or do we try to provide i guess you would say, hands off support for however they choose to handle it

even when we, separate from western hype, express that a given situation ought to be handled differently

and what to do in situation where africans dont seem to have the resources on hand to handle a given situation and it appears to be spiraling out of control

in so many ways this is a farcical discussion because we dont have the power to do much more than talk about it anyway

but some blackfolk in positions of power have the power of influence, and i dare say, even we hope to some day

and if obama does become president, these issues will take on more resonance, we have to assume this half kenyan will take a more strategic interest in africa

will this interest be african world or will it be us president or some strange unholy blend of the two

but primary question, do we accept what we are given
or do we try to impact

i suspect your answer will be case by case
or will you persist in being unreasonable

hope things well w/you and yours
hope your novel is limping along

as game as is mine

in struggle


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