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have fun and be safe at the crib, they the stars of 48 hours


check this site
the death of the poor world wide

Obama will win, what is on his table is great
Talk to Iya K from Philly last nite, doing well.
Waiting for the book - got a small one out call:
The Afro-Blues Tradition - Glorious Child of the Africans

from your Warrior Shaman
Nana Kwame Osunwole Toprah


nana kwame

checked out the work, looks good
any chance of doing a trade

one of mine for yours
do a review of it for you

samesame raw dawg, do a review
of your piece man, if you wanna

do a trade

also i notice nana kwame while googling about
that you are a bluesman shaman i believe

a fellow practitioner
in many ways i see

is your music available

email me if you get a chance
i would like to ask you some

questions about how you work
the fusion

in struggle

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