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Kobina Graham

Arthur, been reading the blog and it's brilliant... as though you keep reading my mind on Obama. Hope you're good. Still haven't heard from anyone, but that's cool. I'm here when you need me: your man in Ghana.

arthur flowers

hey man, thanks for the props

palf hasnt gotten in touch cause weve been
on r&r, still recovering from summer

supposed to have a meeting on the 7th
we will be back in the saddle then

will put you in the email loop in
the meantime

thanks for coming onboard, hopefully
make it worth your while

be well



You say: "when i get to macking i just dont know when to quit."
Because as Sam & Dave put it, you're a Soul man.

Mbeki's got some traction with Mugabe and Tsgangirai. Power sharing deal is in place.
What you Mbeki haters gonna say now?

arthur flowers

well rod, arent you a dreamer

i believe we gon say lets wait and see

doesnt sound like a real deal to me

but im pulling for it with you

not for mbeki but zimbabwe

hope things well w/you



With respect to: "mccain cant use a keyboard because of his war injuries."

That doesn't hold up to reasonable scrutiny, "hoss."
Even the blind can send email by using voice-to-text converters. So don't accept the war-injury handicap.

As a crypto-Luddite myself, I don't think being email ignorant is a presidential disqualifier. (Staff does the grunt work.) But let's find some more tenable excuses for mcCain.

arthur flowers

i agree

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