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u need to read my last two post for real 7 Houses of Czechoslovakia and No John Adams, No LBJ easy mud slinging for Che...

Dave Malosh

What a historic week! The Clintons man up and get past their pique. Obama gives one of the best speeches in American political history. Strong and wise and hopeful. Pray to whom/whatever for success in the futiure.


Did Obama do enough to win? Did his speech convert any of the 20% I have spoke of previously or was he preaching to the choir

arthur flowers

dave, i tried

you see where i backed off earlier support
i couldnt back up all the way but i tried

to show some nuance there

thanks for pulling my coat
thanks for coming online w/some commentary

dave jacked me up offline for my support of kilpatrick
i told him i would take his points into consideration

and that i wish he had jacked me up online in my commentary
section, i get a lot of folk jacking me up offlist,

which dont help my numbers, so i see he gave me a comment,
i appreciate that, also appreciate rawdawgs online commentary

rawdawgs site so popular i dont know where he get the time to come thru like he be doing, rawdawg be getting

great googabs of commentary for every post

lot of commentary make you feel like somebody listening, like somebody care what you have to say

the dawg be taking care of business

for some reason folk more comfortable commenting privately than online w/rootsblog

maybe thats the way it works with other folks blogs too



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