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full a grace

Lets not forget to add to that the
Male privilege list

Have you checked that out the way we want white people to check out their list?

I work in production.
I'm dealing with blatantly obvious, sexism everyday in the film industry.
It's messin' with me, but, I keep at it. I am strong, I work twice as hard for half the credit (the other half goes to ANY male nearby).

And with both lists, I have to remember not to let it make me too prejudice against whites and males.
Not all of em are aware. Not all are going t accept the information. Even fewer will see their privilege as a responsibility.
One guy at work said, "well then, you should have been born Jewish" when someone pointed out that his position was purely a fact of nepotism and that his brothers connection that gt him the job he had were from his parents.
He was wearing an Obama t-shirt.
gotta love it and laugh- what else can I do?

full a grace

Sarah Palin was hired to put sexy back into the rep party.
She could evicerate a human on live TV and they would be able to spin it.
Anything to distract from the ugliness of the old, white, man running.
That machine is based in patriarchy and promotes patriarchy as "tradition".
Tradition my ass!
If anyone wants tradition
they can go to Britain and witness the royal family.
That is tradition-
looks rotten to me.

Lesley-Ann Brown

Tell it like it is Arthur!
the lab

Lesley-Ann Brown

Tell it like it is Arthur!
the lab


Well, all I can add is... amen...

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