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BuffaloSoldier salutes Art Flowers Jr. for keeping alive John O. Killens, the Brutha tapped to occupy Bobby Kennedy's old gig, and the South Texas
grand jury that indicted Alberto Gonzales and Darth Cheney on charges relating to prisoner abuse in U.S. prisons. Okay, I'd been responding to
the Rickydoc. blogs and he asked me to put my comments on blast. Our inhouse get togethers always reminded me of those early days in the sixties when there were all night jam sessions trying to break out of assumptions we'd lived by for about 344 years. Man, no caps here. This is a brave new world. In the 1800s down in Arizona and Mexico (Yes, Senator McCain, Arizona) There came a brand New Soldier. I don't have the italics
feature here. So I repeat: A Brand New Soldier. The like this world had
never seen. In the early '60s, we saw the Civil Rights Experience explode.
The scene I remember most was those brave 14 year old and younger kids marching and singing up a Birmingham street. When they turned that corner
we saw helmeted baton bearing police and snarling dogs waiting for them at the bottom of the hill. For a moment, everybody froze. My heart turned over in my mouth. Mom prayed out loud behind me. Then one little girl,
maybe 13, if that, sang in the strongest voice I've ever heard, "Ain't
gonna let nobody turn us around!" And those Brand New Soldiers marched straight to the police and their dogs. Fast forward to 2004. A thin brown
Dominican looking man, with no national identity, addresses the Democratic
Convention. It's a speech that doesn't approach Jesse Jackson's '84
speech but it wows the nation. 4 years later, Barack, The Blessed One, is
elected President. Bobby Kennedy's prophecy is fulfilled. There is Euphoria. A euphoria that hasn't completely swept over the BuffaloSoldier.
Let's examine a few things. The Black Population in the United States
is BlackAmerican, West Indian, LatinBlack and, finally, African. By the way, that's the order from the most populous to the least populous.
The Blessed One, from that least populous, is an actual African (his father) American (his mother) He owes his American citizenship to his mother. He owes his endearing complexion to his father. Hence, while he can intellectualize about The Black Experience here, probably putting more names and dates to history than I, he's not of this peculiar experience.
Make no Mistake. Above the howling of the Biracials ( I've read three missives where they decry his being identified as African American) he's
a Black man. We have a Black President. and for the %96 of blacks that voted for him, that's enough. But Mandela is Black and also of his people in South Africa. Their history is his history. Lumumba was Black and of his people, His history, their history. Nkrumah was Black. Same thing.
Think about it. I move to South Africa and marry Charlize Theron(hey, a
guy can drean) We have a son. He won't grow up to be President. My lack
of South African roots would doom him. "But, BuffaloSoldier, what does it
matter? We're Black and we have a Black President. Hosanna! Hosanna!"
Rickydoc is absolutely correct about the longgame. But a longgame that doesn't include at the top of the ticket the very people that made the longgame possible? The Blessed One ascended to the top of the ticket with
help of the '65 voting act. Whose blood was shed to make that act possible? I just think that little girl with the strong voice should be
acknowledged in the land and history of her birth just as Lumumba is acknowledged in his.
By the way,in light of Barack's immigrant roots, there are rumblings that
the Latin community has planned demostrations on 1/21 as a reminder to keep his promise to them. "Si, se puede!" Say, when will there be an American Indian President. Rickydoc. Proudly and correctly identifies as
a Race Man. SO is the BuffaloSoldier. I'm just not a BlackOnly Race man
I'm BuffaloSoldier and I approve this message.


BuffaloSoldier salutes Harriet Tubman and Nat Turner. BuffaloSoldier
stands with Rickydoc against the al zawahiri message. I think, though,
you may not realize that he is rallying the troops over what he percieves as a traitor to Islam rather than the house negro statement
to infuriate BlackAmerica. As you know, in a earlier I was Muslim. Why I left MiddleEast Theology is for another missive. For example,
we know Barack's father was not a practicing Muslim. The Muslim world
may not know. So, like Nyowe, in Things fall Apart, Barack supposedly
reject his father's religion as barbaric. Also, zawahiri is trying to
stem the notion that now that a non white man is President, maybe the
Muslim world will get a fair hearing. So while the message seems
crude and dated to us, it's timely and actually clever for them.
Barack is being cast as whitemouth. the opposite of Malcolm X.
Remember they're looking at a different longgame and endgame than we
here in States. You might say if they're not casting their argument
for us, why use the Western Media. For the same reason they use
airplanes to crash into buildings. They always use yours against you.
You're right about the arab slave trade. It was the inspiration
for the Western Slave trade and was every bit as viscious. As for
Darfur, they've sided with the marauders. I'm BuffaloSoldier and I approve this message.

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