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Dave Malosh

November 4,2008 The day that the United States of America regained its Soul.

Jason Harris

A point of convergance...from one angle, we see the end of one longgame- the civil rights/voting rights movement reaches a point of completion with the election of Barack. Another angle- the Bush cartel has reached the end of their longgame- From Prescott Bush laundering Nazi money to GHW Bush working in the CIA to him ascending to President (first as Reagan's puppeteer, later as President), to the Clintons, finally to Baby Bush, the most successful conman/white collar criminal in HISTORY.

Now in play- shortgame #1- 4 years to gather folks together and build infrastructure to weather the decline of American hegemony...or leave.

Longgame #3 (still in effect)- the continuation of the class war.

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