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BuffaloSoldier salutes the The Negro Leagues. Al quada's supposedly crude
but calculated comments have brought the usual suspects out of the woodwork. They obviously think their opinion matters to an organization
that just finished a two day battle with the British. Stanley Crouch, (Daily News, 11-24-08) marked the occasion by demonizing, trivilizing,
and marginalizing the meaning of Malcolm X. Others used "American Negro"
language to comdem the al quada leader's message. Stanley and others,
this is a general desperate to rally his troops. My Mom always used to
say the Devil's job is to paint red the face of an angel. Obama only looks
good to the enemy as a renegade Muslim. That's the danger for Obama, being
so much to so many. Black to BlackAmericans, Immigrant son to the
LatinCommunity, Patriotic grandson of WorldWarTwo soldier to Midwesterners,
Christian to the unwashed masses, and finally, because of his name, Muslim
to the MiddleEast. FROM PRISON CAMPS AND SLAVERY THIS BLACK MAN CAME TO BE. I'm BuffaloSoldier and I approve this message.

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