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THEY WERE TIRED OF THE HURT. BuffaloSoldier salutes Eartha Kitt.
Mom and them always used Earth Kitt( yes, they called her Earth) as the
counterpoint to Pearl Bailey and the like. Earth endeared herself to us
by risking Blacklist when she gave LadyBird hell for the vietnam fiasco.
But I was particularly taken in by a conversation she had with either
Tony Brown or Gil Noble. She was really down to Earth as she explained
her childhood. Told by a step father she was too yellow to live in his
home. Then, she sought to expand on the Boundaries placed on Black.
She risked having the benighted call her too "French" by coming up with
her signature song. I remember a line from a Lorraine Hansberry play.
"Look, Sister Eartha Kitt done got herself together and she's coming home
too!" I say she never left home. I'm BuffaloSoldier and I approve this

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