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BlackMusic. FINALLY. Finally, Rickydoc. I think in both emails I've
sent to you and at least one posted comment, I mentioned Barack was being
claimed by everyone and everyone says they're responsible for his victory.
LatinAmericans have said they placed stock in him because he's an immigrant's son and has an aunt facing deportation. Their issue. How many times has the BuffaloSoldier pointed out he looks Dominican. But
do Dominions look Dominions? Remember, before the English defeated the
Spainards, who was running the slave trade here. Where did words like
mulatto come from? As for BlackLatinos running from their blackness,
don't tell that to Felipe Luciano, or Mongo Santamaria, or Celia Cruz.
Outside of this country, Blacks make up to %40 of Columbia, for example.
BlackBrazilians actually outnumber BlackAmerican. As for Barack being
Black because that's his choice. He has a choice? He could pass? For
what? He may look Dominican, but he couldn't pass for one. He doesn't
know the language or the culture. He threw his lot in with BlackAmericans
because that was his closest fit. Remember the Dominican kid that was
on the Steve Harvey Show? He was killed by his teenage girlfriend.
I worked alongside of Latins, particularly Dominicans and they didn't
have a clue to who he was. Early on, on the Cosby Show he'd thrown his lot
in with BlackAmericans. As for Multicul. That's always been a laugh for
the BuffaloSoldier. Folks, on earth there are only three major groups.
Causcasoid, Negroid and Mongoloid. Everybody is a mixture of them.
No one else is here. No one else has ever been here. And no one else
is coming. BlackFolks would be well advised to guard their identity.
I saw BlackAmericans practically will darkskin out of existence. but the
multicul. has always been here. There's just more publicity now.


YOU KNOW MANY OTHER SOLDIERS WANTED TO DESERT BuffaloSoldier salutes Odetta and Makeda. Go 'head on to India, bro. SAFE JOURNEY. One look at
you and they'll marvel at how we roll here. It's come to the BuffaloSoldier's attention that people think I'll be critical of the Obama
Presidency. I was at my cousin's 65th over the holiday and a heated
discussion broke out. So everyone waited on what ole opinionated me had
to say. NOTHING. I don't comment on Presidencys. Only on George Bush.
Why? He wasn't an elected president. So he became fair game. The others,
I say, becareful of what you wish, because you just might GET IT. My
folks were disappointed that he didn't appoint more bloods to his
cabinet. What were they expecting? Putney's Swope? That was a movie, folks. I'm BuffaloSoldier and I approve this message.


THEY WERE TIRED OF THE HATRED. BuffaloSoldier salutes Ernest Gaines.
The Soldier is a little under the weather today. So this won't be long.
My uncle Thomas is very slick. Yes, the frivilous case about Obama's
citizenship goes through committee. But my uncle is aware of what goes
through committee and what's left out. About a year ago, Obama was being
interviewed about past choices for the Supreme Court. He said he wouldn't
have appointed my uncle. Believe that BlackAmerica's favorite uncle
never forgot it. I'm BuffaloSoldier and I approve this message.

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