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THEY WERE TIRED OF THE KILLING. BuffaloSoldier salutes BAL BlackAmericanLiterature. The excitement
over the inaug is growing. But there are some things that can't be ignored. BlackAmericans keep
telling me that this is actual proof that there is
nn ceiling for BlackPeople in America. I sure hope
they're right. But as an Old School RC, a bit of
caution. BlackAmericans make up, say, 11 per cent
of the pop. After 1/20 how many BlackSenators will
there be. I used both my fingers and my toes for
counting and came up with 0. I'll have more later.
I'm BuffaloSoldier and I approve this message.


THEY WERE TIRED OF THE HURT. BuffaloSoldier salutes Herbert Gettridge.
I want to make a correction. There will be one Black senator if the
nomination of the Chicago guy holds. Boy, it's fun to watch this play out. We have a PERCEPTION that KenyaStyle is blocking the BlackAmerican
from taking his old spot. That's not the reality, of course. I think
Blag is playing a similar game that the first GeorgeBush played when he
nominated my uncle Thomas. 70 per cent of BlackAmerica applauded the choice because they figured he needed to claim Thurgood Marshall's spot,
as if that had been designated for "us" Of course, the conscious railed
against the choice, figuring that he'd want to show he wouldn't rule
his skin color but the "law", proving his "sophistication" Of course,
once he was confirmed, he proved to be just what the conscious had
warned. Now "Sell the seat" Blag is at it. Hey, if it worked before...
His choice has been blocked and there have already been cries of racism
I'm just waiting for the "Hi tech lynching" comment that has to be coming.
I'm BuffaloSoldier and I approve this message.

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