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AND OH, SO TIRED OF THE MISERY. BuffaloSoldier salutes James Faulkner. YOUTH!! Boy, the ground we
must cover and the little time to cover it. Sounds a lot like life. When the LionKing took on The
Templar, Rush Limbaugh, a lot of folks questioned the move. One word came to mind. SHREWD! The radio landscape is shrinking. ( TV anchors are disappearing before our eyes.) So desperation is
settling in. Rush, in the cover of darkness, asked for the failure of the LionKing. But that's asking for the failure of America. So he has chosen ideology over country. The LionKing threw
the spotlight on him, like a helicopter throwing light on a fleeing suspect. The Templar is desperate to rally his troops. So he went after the quarterback as surely as he went after Black
quarterbacks years before when he attacked the Eagle's Donovan Mcknabb. If he had attacked Donovan
McKnabb, the quarterback alone, alright. But he injected race by Saying Black quarterbacks aren't
all they're cracked up to be. Well, the LionKing is the quarterback of the American Eagle. you root
for his failure, you root for America's failure. Suddenly he doesn't seem so patriotic. The Templar
now looks like the whiner he's always claimed the "liberal left" to be. And he looks that way
to a much larger audience than his fading fanatics.
So I have a warning to impart to all of those Templars brandishing those longknives: By the way,
he went after Rush because he's the head of the snake. The rest: Ann Coulter, Mike Savage, Sean
Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, They Guy With The Hat, Selbe Steele, Ward Connnally, Alan Keyes and Clarence
Thomas. The LionKing may be a son of AfricaEast, but he was nurtured in AfricaWest. He'll go Brer
Rabbit on in a hot minute. Ask Alice Palmer. All Hillary Clinton. A commentor at one of the debates asked why he had so many Clinton advisors if it was time for a change. Hillary burst out
laughing. "I want to hear the answer to that one" He turned to her and with his best Brer Rabbit
mask in place said, "I'm looking forward to having you advise me too," DIDN'T THAT COME TO PASS?
Don't try to match wits with him, you're only half equipped.
I also have a warning for BlackAmerica. Let's try not to be so thinskinned. You're moving the Lion
King into that Messenger category. Remember when you couldn't in any way crit Elijah Muhammed?
Jon Stewart did a routine on Joseph Lowery and the storm raged. I didn't hear those same guys
when Sarah Palin was being impaled. (I had the largest stick) In New York, a pastry shop introduced
a cookie, in bad taste no doubt, called "Drunken Negro Face" Whoa! The no justice, no peace crowd
was furious. This same shop produced a parody of Sully and geese. That's what that store does.
parody. It didn't bother the LionKing. He was preoccupied with two wars and a dying economy.
I sure hope SoulDoctor is right about the LionKing being seen as a BlackAmerican success and a counter to the thug image. (Here's a good one. SoulDoctor reporting about countering Thug in the
land where Thuggee originated. I believed they were followers of Kali) In the category of
is there deitification going on here, all the newspapers are advertising the LionKing Gold Leaf
2 dollar bills. Actually, it seems like somebody's trying to cash in on all of the europhia.
"I never thought I'd see the day" has become a great refraim lately. Well, Bobby Kennedy did.
So did Martin Luther King. He figured it would have been around 1992. Funny. I thought about
it long and hard. The LionKing did see it and himself filling the roll. And here's why: He is
a son of AfricaEast. in 1709, BlackAmericans would never have seen the end of slavery coming.
That "never see the day" became an ingrained part of our history. Here's where it serves
the LionKing not to have had that conditioning. I remember Sonny Liston. He was frightening.
And everybody just knew he was invinicble. Everybody except Muhammed Ali. Everybody else
ran from the room when he entered, Ali walked toward him saying, "Where's he at?"
Similiarly everybody ran from the Clinton machinary, The LionKing said, "Where's it at?"
Finally, India. That's to the SoulDoctor for putting us right there with him. A huge shout out to
Anita Padami, Tulsi Badnarath, Aminata Farna and the rest. Funny. There was a PBS program
highing the route Man trekked from Africa to India. The narrator swore that he was reporting
from the very village where the Africans settled. Behind him were several men and women burnt-of-face. I'm BuffaloSoldier and I approve this message.


BUT THEY HAD TO KEEP OF FIGHTING BuffaloSoldier salutes 1951. Please
forgive typos, and mispellings of names and other things. For example,
"That's" should have been "Thanks" It was pretty dark in the University
library today.
I'm BuffaloSoldier and I approve this apology.


IF THEY WANTED TO BE FREE. BuffaloSoldier salutes Herb Kent. Sometimes we just get to laugh. 62 years ago, the color barrier was broken in sports. The significance of Jackie Robinson's breakthrough had to do with moving BlackAmerica into the mainstream limelight. Baseball was and actually, the true American sport. What about Football or Basketball you might ask. Quick! Sing
the football song. Sing the basketball song. Oh, that's right they don't exist. Baseball is everyman. You don't need a certain body type. You look average but, of course, you're not. But you look assessible to everyman. Shaq and McNabb are invited into our livings as our modern mythic
figures. Philly's Rollins could be sitting beside us eating chips and passing gas. Now we have the LionKing in the National (Democratic) League. So what does the American (Repulsicans) League do?
They do exactly what the American League did 62 years ago. They played "they got one , so we get
one" They acquired their version of Larry Doby ( Mike Tyson's former brother in law, Michael Steele)
Like I said in an earlier post, I can't make this stuff up. Steele is now the head of the RNC.
Here's a problem, Repulsicans. Through no fault of his own, because he was a great player and a
Newark Eagle, Larry Doby is not well known. And the time frame is eerily close. Larry Doby became
the second Black major league player within days of Jackie's inclusion. Within days, Mike Tyson's
former Brother in law, who we're told is well known in Repulsican circles, "beat out" other
candidates to be the main countervoice to the LionKing. I saw the LionKing the day of the announcement. He didn't look a bit threatened. "Show of hands, Kids! Who's the President of The United States of America?" "The LionKing!" "Show of hands, Kids! Who's the President of the RNC?"
"Er, what was the question again?" I'm BuffaloSoldier and I approve this message

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