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bUT THEY HAD TO KEEP ON FIGHTING BuffaloSoldier salutes the Ancestors. Whew! Where to begin? Let's start with SoulDoctor's GoodMedicine in the form of a HardCrit for the novel. Combining it
with Putnam's HardCrit and will soon dive into the overhaul. Now, thoughts on the Inaug and the
ascension of the--not Halfrican, not MauMau/Kikiyu/Masai KenyaStyle, not postracial Biracial,
not AfricanAmerican--LionKing. Yesterday, he made it CLEAR of his identity when he said," Large
nations and small villages, like the one where my father was born...Right there, he distanced him
self from BlackAmerican history, even as he embraced the seriousness of that history and its
impact on him. How? "...I stand here in a place where 60 years ago I would not have been
served in a father and mother's marriage at the time of my birth was still
illegal in places in this country...(Boy, did he give the gays for gay marriage an opening
with that one)..." Wow! Jesse Holland ( Black Men Built The Capitol) says we've come full
circle. Not quite, Jesse. Listen to the voice of Houston Rockets Center Motumbo. "We have
a son of an African man, not from a second or third Generation, from the first generation. That
brings me so much joy and so much pride." Hmmmn. second and third generation...Hey, that's me!
How does Wesley Snipes feel? Tim Geithner, Obama's guy to heal the Treasury Department, failed
to pay taxes. How about this? Darth Cheney pulled a back muscle while moving boxes on his way out.
Did he let the door him hit him? Sunday, I saw people struggle for relevance in light of the
LionKing's ascension. Like it is aired a program called "Is President Obama good for Black People?"
Man, I didn't laugh out loud. (That came later) All of those PanAfricanists and others didn't
really seem what to make of this. Malik Zulu asked how dare the question even be raised. As a point, he cited the Crips and the Bloods being moved to change things in light of the ascension.
In fairness he did mention his grandparents struggle in the Civil Rights Struggle and how this was
good for them. Malik, LionKing would not hesitate to take you on if he figured you were in his way.
Ask Alice Palmer. Remember, in Chicago, it was LionKing VS BlackPanther. Yes, Bobby Rush, the same
Brother who would surely have been assainated along with Fred Hampton and Mark Clark that cold
December morning. BlackPeople showed their adulthood by giving John McCain a standing ovation at the Cardozo High School auditorium. He recieved louder cheers than Marion Berry. Now I couldn't
stop laughing yesterday. A Brother on the bus, judging by the bowtie and suit possibly a five
per center said, "Brothers and Sisters, this is the official beginning of the Black Man's Five
Thousand Years of Black Rule."
A guy in the back said, "Obama is the anti-Christ!"
Bowtie said, "Yeah, maybe that too."
Folks, I can't make this stuff up.
Sobering thought for all of those who are now saying, "Yes, we can!" This is in the neighborhood
of it's more than a notion/slogan.
The Education Equality Project says white high school seniors are on average four years ahead of Black Students and the gap in reading skills is growing. 78% of white students graduated high school
Just 55%of Blacks and 53% of Lations do.
That's why the ovation for McCain. He says he's diving right in to help fix things.
Last thought, at least for now, During JFK's parade,the coast guard passed and he didn't see
one Black face. He turned to an aide and said, "Fix it!"
I'm BuffaloSoldier and I approve this message.


IF THEY WANTED TO BE FREE BuffaloSoldier salutes PanAfrica. Whoops. I think a clarification is in order. I just read my previous Post, with a message I approved of, and came away with the impression BuffaloSoldier was
knocking PanAfricanism. Far from it. It is still one of the most sobering
philosophies to come out of the continent. I consider the continent AfricaEast, while where we are is AfricaWest. Yes, that includes South
America and the West Indies. One Brother even asked me what if Colin
Powell, the Jamaican, had run and won. That's here, Brother. His people
came from either Prison camps or Slavery. A special Black Man was born
of that experience. So, Sunday, I was smirking because it seemed they
were fumbling for meaning, for purpose. For the BuffaloSoldier,
the goals never really included ascension to the White House. I first
came in contact with PanAfricanism in a Black Power conference in Philly
in 1968. Not once, among adopted platforms, was it resolved that it was
an imperitive to elect a BlackPresident. And outside those doors, that
thought was in the air. Inside, we were talking about 1% of the population
controlling 99% of the wealth. I think that dynamic is still in place
right now on 1/21/09. If there are other goals, we need another conference.
But we certainly don't need to look like Langston Hughes Simple asking
"Now what?"
I'm BuffaloSoldier and I approve this clarification

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