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THEY WERE TIRED, OH SO TIRED, OF THE MISERY BuffaloSoldier salutes Elizabeth Alexander. Interesting how all roads seem to lead to Kenya. The
Brother trying to put Rwanda is Kenyan. Our Pres is Kenyan and SoulDoctor
is taking his cue from Kenya in his quest to be America's Hoodoo Man.
The inaug is coming soon and I have a few thoughts. Mostly I'll pursue them
further. But Beyonce is performing and not Etta James? M. Obama and her
daughters walking through that White House door, since she does have a
link back to our BlackAmerican past here, is the kind of symmetry that warms the BuffaloSoldier's heart. Thanks, Barack. Still wish someone
from here had got there first. Sort of like there are plenty of
BlackLatinos and others playing baseball, but the BlackAmerican, Jackie
Robinson, was first. Why is BuffaloSoldier so bullish on BlackAmerica?
We still have to face down the BART officers and Bradley Schlozmans of
the land. And we've been facing them the longest with the most
disatrious results. Oh, we now have the one Black senator. That goes
along with the two Black Govs, one elected. I'm BuffaloSoldier and I
approve this message

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