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Just to let you know the Oxford piece touched me deeply. Made me think long and hard about my own writing. So thank you.

arthur flowers

thanks for the props lafreya

i was afraid to read your comments, afraid you were jacking me up about that churchill post

i do these posts challenging my own circles and then get all anxious about them

i must say i like that oxford piece myself, wish they would put it online

i see on your site that you are struggling with a work too, welcome to send me chapters

hang in there, may the gods of literature be good to us all



THE RETURN OF THE BUFFALOSOLDIER-for one more comment. BuffaloSoldier salutes Abbey Lincoln. At the
request of SoulDoctor, in a week or so, after fulfilling some pressing obligations, I will share
an observation I shared with him on an email.
I'm BuffaloSoldier and I approve this message.


IN THE 1800S, DOWN IN ARIZONA AND MEXICO- BuffaloSoldier salutes Yolanda Hill. Okay, I've freed up some time. SoulDoctor made some observations about Ward Churchill and mentioned that some might declare him (SoulDoctor)
a sellout. SoulDoctor/sellout? During the 70s when he knew me, he didn't know I belonged to a progressive organization called The Nubian Temple Of Chess. Our mission statement was to bring other "progressive" groups together in a relaxed setting. So we could sit down with excessive name calling and finger pointing that led to the kind of Bunchy Carter killing.
Our point being there weren't that many conscious anyway. The HarshLeft,
the fanatical Muslims( I grew up around the corner from Bubbles. He was with those who killed those Hanifa women and girls in Washington DC) were
never a thoughtful part of the 60s. see, actual revoluntary politic doesn't allow for lazy sloganeering. we had quiet sets, plenty of Vegan food, Amazing Grace the instrumental playing in the background, chess games
going. Brothers and Sisters reasoning together quietly. It was worth it
to hear someone say "I never thought of it that way before, Brother."
Remember reactionary thinking comes from both the right and the left,the
Christian and The Muslim, the literary and the uncultured. If we cry
sellout so often, we'll so devalue the word, we'll miss it when a real
sell out is in our midst. Remember Othello, anyone?
I'm BuffaloSoldier and I approve this message.


tHERE CAME A BRAND NEW SOLDIER- BuffaloSoldier salutes Dr. Ben.
that's supposed to be "without excessive name-calling"
I'm BuffaloSoldier and I approve this correction

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