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Lesley-Ann Brown

Hey Ricky Doc,
I'm pleased to give you an award for blog excellence. Come by and pick it up:
the lab


Thanks for the heads up on Sistashree music. It's great. I'm going to have to order it now.


Thank you for this, I have Alice Coltrane on my ipod all the time, ibae

waiting for your book, I have a bone divination for you:
I found some dice green and put it with a red and white dice, I had. I use for Esu, since I found these in the cross walk of the street.
I throw once, to get my numbers from the green ones then use the odu #'s from traditions, and the red would be not good, the white would be good, which ever number is bigger.
stay strong my brother
nanakwame "Osunwole"

arthur flowers

sweet, sounds viable, do you get enuf range/balance in your throws

ive found that a concern with my evolving 9 cowries thrown twice system

i been playing with

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