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THE INDIANS CALLED HIM BUFFALO-BuffaloSoldier salutes the original BuffaloSoldier, Amiri Baraka.
This is why SoulDoctor and BuffaloSoldier are linked. I read this blog three times. I don't have
much more profound to say. I just had to respond. "Hey, TaHa," my neighbor, my friend asked me.
"Did Art make tenure?" This was some years ago. I was passing by my neighbor's house and he
saw me from his window. He knew the SoulDoctor and the BuffaloSoldier had been in Fred Hudson's
workshop together. I sat on my neighbor's porch and we talked lit and politic. He talked about
his childhood,about the passing of a girl from the neighborhood we both knew( a girl highlighted
in his book Eulogies) I've eaten at his table in the kitchen, met both NiNa Simone and Sonia
Sanchez in his living room. He radiates encouragement. When his archenemy, Stanley Crouch,
ran in his biline that Amiri was a false hero, I was the first to bring him the article.
He teased me as he always does: "So now you're the messenger for the netherworld."
He'll be 75 this year, if his milestone hasn't already passed. I know the year of his birth
but not the month. So I join SoulDoctor in his salute. I can't match the eloquence, but I hope
I echo the feeling. I'm BuffaloSoldier and I approve this humble acknowledgement. O-Him-Ya-Ma!

Lesley-Ann Brown

This was really well written and so true and much needed! It's funny how people tell us how difficult the life of a writer is, we just kind of shrug it off, thinking it will be different for us. But then it turns out to be true. And the richness is in this struggle.
Amiri is amazing and I am so happy to have read this.
Thanks Arthur! You rule!
Hugs from Mars,


you got me nervous there for a minute. yes grandpa is up there, saw him in Philly two years ago with Mama Sonia. i was thinking the other day, what a journey, we have shaped. 59 this year. love u all.

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