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FROM PRISON CAMPS AND SLAVERY, THIS BLACK MAN CAME TO BE. BuffaloSoldier salutes Big Brother Africa. Thorny issue time. First,
a question: Should there be something similar to the Caine Prize
for BlackAmerican writing? I'd love to know where we'd score, for
example, De MoJo Blues on that list. Second, concerning MK and the
earlier Mk version, Frankie Lymon. The Soldier maintains that when we
salute the Man instead of the Talent, we open outselves to attacks from Templars like O'Reilly. And when we cry RACE like Al Sharpton, somebody is going to point out the whiting of MK and his deliberate
selection of white men and women to sire his children. One thing, nobody ever questioned troubled What'sGoingOn Marvin Gaye's blackness.
No Need for an Al Sharpton to remind us, he's of us. By the way, Al,
the acsension of the LionKing had a lot to do with more than white
acceptance of MK.

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