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IN THE 1800S, DOWN IN ARIZONA AND MEXICO, THERE CAME A BRAND NEW SOLDIER. THE IDIANS CALLED HIM BUFFALO. BuffaloSoldier salutes complexity. Yes, Virgina, there is a BuffaloSoldier. I'm back.
I'll be tackling some thorny subjects in the future. But I won't go overboard. That's a Soldier's
promise to a SoulDoctor. By the way, because the depths of betrayal, Zimbabwe tops my list of horrid
places. One of my IDs is Chimurega, a name inspired by the successful struggle against imperialism
waged by the "Boys in the Bush" Mugabe, nightmare that he is now, was once the leader of those
brave "boys" They were BuffaloSoldierEast. A revolution so successful, they used to, hold on to your
hats, export food to other parts of Africa. I'm BuffaloSoldier and I approve this return.

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