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YOU KNOW MANY OTHER SOLDIERS WANTED TO DESERT. BuffaloSoldier salutes Samuel J. Battle. I was
recently at my family reunion and a heated discussion came up about the first African(his father)
American(his mother) President. The Soldier was all but accused of being a Birther. The Birthers
are this eras Birchers. So I thought I'd set the record straight. The LionKing is an American citizen. As I am. I do question the depths of his roots here as far as BlackAmericans are concerned
because, unlike him, we didn't arrive here in 1961. (It would be nice if we did. No slavery. No
Tuskegee experiment. No destruction of The Black Wall Street in Tulsa, Okla.) Yes, we'd all would
like to be in that number. See, those forces shaped us. That's exactly why we're not Kenyan or
Nigerian or anyone else. At any rate, The Soldier is not a Birther. The Birthers are mostly
our home grown knights of Templar. I'm BuffaloSolder and I approve this message.

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