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THEY WERE TIRED OF THE HATRED BuffaloSoldier salutes Gil Scott Heron. (Not to be confused with Philly's Jill Scott. Don't laugh. More than a few young people have called themselves correcting me
when I bring up The Poet.)Revelance! I listen to the above sit-down with Gil and I'm reminded that
as youngsters, we once told oldsters, they weren't relevant mostly because they were old. I heard
that during the LionKing's campaign. Suddenly we were now old. Young folks spurned on by the media said We're Post civil rights, post racial, post anything that was
fought in the past. But I listen to Gil, to The Last Poets, to early Amiri, to Felipe Luciano and I
hear THE FUTURE in their every beat. Good ideas don't get old, baby. They get better and more
revelant with age. They actually get younger, right before our eyes. And, brothers and sisters,
(Yes, brothers and sisters, not the supposedly NOW supposedly revelant because it's NOW bitches
and 'hos) Gil Scott Heron, The Last Poets, Amiri Baraka, and Felipe Luciano are some of the
best ideas our experience on this side of the pond has brought us. I'm BuffaloSoldier and I approve
this message.

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