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that is a really nice painting, who is the artist?, can really make out his first name


THEY WERE TIRED OF THE HURT BuffaloSoldier salutes the keepitreal '60s rebellion. I must reiterate something I shared on a recent email to the
Souldoctor. The Templars fierce attacks on the LionKing proves there are
no civilians. And look about you! It's not going so well for those percieved civilians. (From my vantage point, that bastion of 'civilians'
New Orleans hasn't and doesn't look to recover any time soon.) once more,
in bold type, THERE ARE NO CIVILIANS. I'm BuffaloSoldier and I approve this caution

arthur flowers

leroy campbell is the artist, untitled


THEY WERE TIRED, OH, SO TIRED OF THE MISERY- BuffaloSoldier salutes John Henry Brooks! My uncle.
Fitting that I think of him as I read your attempt to discover the real John Henry. I'm reminded
that the mythic/real John Henry lived in all of our lives. Another John Henry for me was Fred
Hudson. He once said, "you couldn't put down your pen if you wanted to." I think of the LionKing
and his battles, and more and more he appears to be becoming a John Henry. My uncle once said that
the Lord said, "Who among you did I promise a rose garden?" I'm BuffaloSoldier and I approve this message.


Reminds me of colonial Mexico! deGama days, really the same form or artistry.

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