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BUFFALOSOLDIER, IT'S BEEN A LONG, LONG TIME- Buffalosoldier salutes TheSpookWhoSatByTheDoor. Quick hit one:Loved the BrotherHoodoo to BrotherHoodoo exchange. Finally, prophecies that don't include
the overdramatic BigThree's vision of the world. Quick hit two: SoulDoctor, HealthCare is a huge
handmaiden to capitalism. You snatch it away and you think wallstreet and the autoindustry had this
economy reeling? AllState, Mutual and the gang are going to flood the government with writs and the like. They're goint to throw the Templars full force at the LionKing and have the entire
atmosphere loaded with counter claims of RACISM from would be defenders of the first Black President until nobody will even remember what the original battle was about. Uh-oh. wasn't so quick afterall. Okay, Next time, I'll address something you posted in an earlier blog. I'll leave
with this: It's not PostRacial that concerns the Buffalo. It's PostJohnHenry, PostBlackAmerica Experience. I'm BuffaloSoldier and I approve this message

suhaila cross

I have just visited this your blog. Just want to say that I am so happy to see your postings on FB so for selfish reasons encourage you to remain visible. You helped me more than you know in my work and I appreciate your wisdom and heart warmth. It is strengthening to me as a writer to read of your struggles and triumphs and obsessions and magicking. My vote is with you dear Arf.
Your friend

kona coffee

After winning the Noble Peace Prize and seeing how the health care reform turned out as well as the other issues related to Obama, it made me wonder the extent of influence he has.

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