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BUT THEY HAD TO KEEP ON FIGHTING BuffaloSoldier salutes mythic/real John Henry. Whew. Read SoulDoctor's blog. First, I'm just reading the Wed blog and I'm happy to see I was some help to The Doctor. His approved message was recieved loud and clear. Now about Racism, new BlackAmerican students and The LionKing. Brother, I warned everyone what would happen if PostRacial became a serious part of the narrative. Remember, SoulDoctor, The then future President courted America by promising if you elect me that's proof that there is a new dawn in America. You're washing away
the sins of the past and sweeping aside Nat Turner's, Malcolm X's, The Black Panther's etc view
of America. That was always the danger and I remember sounding the alarm. I spoke about all of those
tears I saw: Jesse Jackson's, that ever present Professor whose name escapes me, and others
The cry went out: WE DID IT! But just what did we do? Did we set in motion the day when misinformed
PostRacials condemn us as overly sensitive? Their backs will buckle under a Racism that they will never see. Remember, Dear SoulDoctor, the greatest trick Racism will ever pull is convincing his
victims he doesn't exist. I'm BuffaloSoldier and I approve this message.

arthur flowers

buffalo, didnt have the teaparty up when you commented, amazing isnt it


IF THEY WANTED TO BE FREE BuffaloSoldier salutes FACTS. TeaParty. Great Stuff! Great Stuff!
Facism and Socialism are interchangable. Great Stuff! LionKing, welcome to Amerika! What was that
saying? Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people? Sill, I have
to say this, and I expect to catch flax. This is nothing more than a desperate ploy of The Templars
and the Repulsicans to whip themselves back into contention. And those "points of view", well, we
on the Left laughed when the Pres of Ven. said he smelled Sulpher as he stood where George Bush
stood. The long view is that a Black Man is the Pres of The United States of America. That's not
a feat that will be equalled by a white man in,say, Ghana or Nigeria, or even South Africa. It's not
something that can be undone. One more thing, I don't ever want to hear publicly exposed what I hear on buses and in barbershops. For example, a prominent female comidian called for free fried
chicken as a part of reparations. And she was serious. Everybody, please, keep your ignorant
hidden in the backroom. I'm BuffaloSoldier and I approve this message

Papa Gede Nibo Bey

Placement or being " Placed " ? Topic List
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Pres. Obama says he"a mut ( " mut " Egyptian Goddess of renewal ).

First lady Michelle , is a Gullah/Geechee woman (Georgetown S.C. )nation
building courageous amazon stock 5'11" . IsIs - Osirus ?

Ex Pres .PaPa bush and his Queen were dressed in " Gede" colors
complete with Gede"s walking staff .at the inauguration ceremony .

In a placement like that the prophecy's can have a field day ?
PaPa .

En de name ob de "KONKER " ,long game stylee .


It is an interesting note that the notion of racism has completely evolved into the ideas of socialism and communism! Tracing the reason for such would not be difficult although seeing this full-blown in the United States is really interesting, especially at a Black perspective.

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