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I WONDER WILL YOU SURVIVE IN THIS LAND BuffaloSoldier salutes Sarah Wright/this child is gonna live.
I always regretted I didn't attend the Killens workshop because I knew he was turning out writers that made a Killens. But I did meet the SoulDoctor at Frederick Douglass. We read aloud then. And he
read aloud from his work in progress DE MOJO BLUES Jethro had just handed his BAG OF TRICKS to the future HighJohn. And promptly got killed. (John The Baptist passes off The Power to Jesus?)That was a critical point in the novel and I thought a pivotal point in the evolution of the writer himself.
All of us at Frederick Douglass were of the Liberation Generation. Or Liberation Gen, as the Proud
Brother East used to call us. There was HIPHOP Gen, Gangster Rap Gen. But nobody exploded on the scene larger and more in charge than Liberation Gen. And Like Louie Armstrong said "I want to be in
that number" The doubts that I sometimes hear from the SoulDoctor concerning his new work is why
Sarah Wright/Ralph Ellison/Harper Lee didn't follow up. (Actully, SoulDoctor did follow up with
ANOTHER GOOD LOVING BLUES) But the distance between those works and this one appears to be causing
jitters. It's ten years, will it be worth the wait? Do I still have it? Am I fooling myself?
These questions will always follow Liberation Gen because we know how much is expected of us.
These are the worries of the sensitive, caring, sophisticated writer. I for one am glad the SoulDoctor is working through these understandable anxieties. It's inspiring because if he doesn't quit, what right do I have to consider quiting. I'm BuffaloSoldier and I approve this affirmation.

arthur flowers

hey man, thanks for reminding me whats important

the liberation generation, i like that

there are some folk putting out the strong works these days though

i dont keep up like i used to, used to be you could keep up with black lit

but not anymore, so much coming out you have to pick and choose

guess i been feeling a little stretched out lately, bes like that sometime

but you know how it is, aint nothing gon stop the party rock

a luta continua

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